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'2 Hearts' Filming Location on Netflix - The Complete Details!

Jun 10, 2021 @ 12:35 GMT+0000
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'2 Hearts' Filming Location on Netflix - The Complete Details!

Everything you need to know about 2 Hearts filming location. The 2020 Netflix movie was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Hawaii. Grab all the details.

2 Hearts is based on Eric Gregory's 2017 book titled All My Tomorrows: A Story of Tragedy, Transplant, and Hope. It chronicles Christopher (Jacob Elordi) and his partner Sam (Tiera Skovbye) as they fall in love, but things shift drastically when Christopher has a brain hemorrhage.

For this pair, standing by Christopher and watching him embrace the noble choice to award his organs is a tremendous experience. As Jorge's health deteriorates, he and his spouse Leslie (Radha Mitchell) become more involved in their lives.

It recounts two love stories that are eons apart and how they inadvertently cross paths. It is based on the life of Christopher Gregory, a grad student, and Jorge Bacardi, the founder of the Bacardi rum business, and is helmed by Lance Hool.

Jorge had a disease that has been eroding his lungs since he was a toddler. He was used to getting an "expiration date" every few years since he needed a double lung transplant, which seemed unattainable given how long he'd been on the standby list.

Christopher came into their life in the form of a blessing and profoundly transformed their lives. Here is the filming location where the movie 2 Hearts was shot!

'2 Hearts' Filming Location - Where was the Netflix Movie Filmed?

2 Hearts filming location includes Vancouver, British Columbia, and Hawaii.

2 Hearts filming location includes Vancouver, British Columbia, and Hawaii.
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One of the nicest things about Netflix, in our opinion, is that it offers classic movies and TV series a second chance. Throughout the years, the streaming platform has introduced consumers to a diverse range of titles, and 2 Hearts is the most recent to garner attention.

Despite the fact that it first debuted in October 2020, many fans are discovering it for the first time now that it has been added on Netflix, where it is currently ranked high in the "Top 10" territory in the United States.

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The American love drama, directed by Lance Hool, starring Jacob Elordi, Adan Canto, Tiera Skovbye, and Radha Mitchel, and tells the story of two lovers from different periods and places who strike a connection.

2 Hearts is based on true events, but where was the filming location? The 2020 movie was developed in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Hawaii.

The cast members spent about 30 days shooting in British Columbia, which is Canada's westernmost region and is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. The two specific sites are Green College at the University of British Columbia and Lynnmour North in North Vancouver.

The crew used the attractions at Kapolei, Ko Olina Marina, Waikiki, and Kualoa Beach in Hawaii. Given the fact that Tiera had never witnessed the state before, the actors – Jacob, Jordan, and Tiera – flew out to the Western United States before production started.

This allowed them to explore and get a feel for a variety of beautiful places before beginning work on the film. Because the film is based on a true story, it's heartwarming to learn that representatives of the real families paid a visit to the set.

Speaking with Box Office Pro, the director clarified:

When we were deep into the film, both families came out to the set. One of them came out in Kauai, which was the last part of the movie that we were shooting. The other one came out to Vancouver, where we were shooting the main part of the film. So they were not together. They came separately. And so the cast got to meet them.

He added,

At that point, they already had sort of the image of what we wanted them to play. It was interesting to see how close we were and how close I was in casting, which was pretty cool.

2 Hearts hit theatres on 16th October 2020.

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What is '2 Hearts' About?

Though 2 Hearts is partially a romantic picture, as audiences see the two pairs form a relationship, it's also a narrative about how one individual's optimism can come at the cost of another's life.

The viewers learn early on in the film that Jorge (the successor to the Bacardi rum empire) has a lung problem. Doctors said he wouldn't live to be 20 years old. Despite his bodily limitations Jorge strives to enjoy his life to the utmost.

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Jorge bumps into a flight attendant named Leslie in the 1970s when he is in his thirties and going to Puerto Rico for business. Although the dup falls in love, they are both aware that Jorge will eventually require a transplant.

In the meantime, Chris stumbles across Sam as a freshman at Loyola University in the early 2000s. He makes the decision to join her sober car ride business, Safety Patrol.

Sam and Chris turn into a romantic couple after spending quality time together. Things change, though, when Chris passes out at a mate's place. He's brought to the hospital, where he discovers he has a brain aneurysm.

Chris's condition never fully recovers, and he gets another health concern not long after. His family discovers that his brain is hemorrhaging during this journey to the emergency department. He is later discovered to be brain dead.

Meanwhile, Jorge's own wellbeing has deteriorated much further. Several people receive calls informing them that they would receive needed surgeries because Chris successfully registered to be an organ donor.

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Jorge receives a lung transplant from Chris, who unfortunately passes away. Jorge and Leslie start writing to Chris' folks, Eric and Grace Gregory, towards the end of 2 Hearts.

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