Adam Svensson’s Wife: Is He Already Married to His Girlfriend Gabi Powel?


Adam Svensson's Wife: Is He Already Married to His Girlfriend Gabi Powel?

Adam Svensson does not have a wife. The Canadian golfer’s not married yet. He, however, has a girlfriend named Gabi Powel. She used to play professional golf like him. Now, she competes as a long-drive golfer. She also runs a Youtube channel where she posts golf-related videos. She is an extremely supportive girlfriend who cheers the loudest for her partner. Given their shared background, Adam Svensson and Gabi Powel might make each other a perfect husband and wife.

Adam Svensson is one of the four Canadian golf players who have taken the field to the Masters 2023. Everyone’s excited about it as this was his much-anticipated debut after he won The RSM Classic in November last year. The sports personality also was the surprise package at the Players Championship last month and he stormed to the lead halfway through the tournament before he fell off, finishing outside the top 10. His track record is what keeps his go at the Masters interesting. However, it’s just not him the public is fixated on.

Another one who has also garnered a lot of interest on social media is his caddie who also happens to be his partner. He got her partner Gabi Powel to provide him support as his caddy during the tournament and fans find it very adorable. Now they want to know if he is his girlfriend or if he is married to her and she is his wife. As it turns out, he’s not yet married. But let’s learn about Gabi Powel, Adam Svensson’s girlfriend, not his wife!

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Adam Svensson’s Wife: The Golfer is Not Married; He Has a Girlfriend Gabi Powel!

Adam Svensson (@svennybaby) is not yet married and has not taken a wife. He, however, has a girlfriend named Gabi Powel (@gabipowel).

If people were interested to know about the relationship status of Adam Svensson and I bet they are because why wouldn’t they be, Adam Svensson is neither single nor is he married. Neither is he self-partnered nor does he have a wife. But he is dating someone and that someone is his girlfriend called Gabi Powel. Many people knew that there was someone in his life but they must not have known that she was not his wife. If they didn’t, now they do.

Adam Svensson does not have a wife. He has a girlfriend named Gabi Powel.

Adam Svensson does not have a wife. He has a girlfriend named Gabi Powel.
Image Source: ABC News

Anyway, who is Gabi Powel? Who is this person who is the girlfriend of Adam Svensson and who could be his wife in the future? Well, as it turns out, she too is a sportsperson who is involved in the golf industry like her beau. She is a former college golfer who now competes in long-drive contests. She seems like an interesting person, doesn’t she? The ones you would like to hang out with?

Adam Svensson might just lock her in as his wife after all. According to a recent video with the PGA Tour, Gabi Powel played collegiate golf while she was studying at Florida International University in Miami. Now, the golfer’s girlfriend has taken up competing in professional long-drive golfing competitions. She says her longest drive in competitions is 364 yards. She is reportedly in her early 20s.

Yeah, it does not seem like Gabi Powel’s rushed to be Adam Svensson’s wife. She’s too young to be thinking about marriage anytime soon. Right now, she is his girlfriend who is more focused on her career. As per her LinkedIn profile, she studied Marketing and Marketing Management at FIU from 2017 to 2021. In 2019, she took a job as a golf instructor at West Palm Beach and began teaching golf basics to children.

Gabi Powel also worked in the hospitality sector of another club in Florida. She also played golf professionally for a while for BackSwing Golf Events. It was a role she landed in December 2020. Now, she runs a Youtube channel that has garnered nearly 900 subscribers in which she shares vlogs and golf-related videos. She also competes over who can hit the golf ball farthest.

In March 2023, Gabi Powel made it to the top 8 in the first World Long Drive event of the season at the Mesquite Sports Complex. Adam Svensson must have been so proud of his girlfriend then. With them in the relatively same field and sharing a similar background, they could get married in the future and take each other as husband and wife. I mean, one’s an accomplished golfer and the other used to play pro golf and is now an accomplished long-drive golfer.

Adam Svensson's girlfriend Gabi Powel is a professional long-drive golfer.

Adam Svensson’s girlfriend Gabi Powel is a professional long-drive golfer.
Image Source: Golf Digest

When Gabi Powel successfully reached the top 8 at the first World Long Drive, she celebrated her win and made a post on Instagram on March 13 where she wrote,

Made it to the final 8 with some good balls on the grid. Looking forward to gaining some speed for the next event in Hobe Sound next month (Home event) Huge thanks to all the support this weekend.

Adam Svensson’s girlfriend might not be a professional golfer anymore but she still hasn’t lost the ability to sink balls. In a video for PGA Tour, Gabi Powel shared that she sometimes plays with her boyfriend and leaves him awestruck.

The last time we [Powel and Svensson] played at Medalist, I rolled in six birdies that day and he was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ You don’t even practice and you’re making all these putts.’

Can Adam Svensson marry her and make her his wife already? They are just so adorable, aren’t they? Not to mention that Gabi Powel is an extremely supportive girlfriend and has been cheering on her boyfriend while also showing off her skills as a caddie. She connects with him in a way that’s hard to explain. I mean, she can even tell what he is feeling or when he is happy just by reading his body language.

I don’t know where Adam Svensson and his girlfriend Gabi Powel’s life is headed but I can say and you can agree that they would make the most perfect husband and wife. Everyone’s not fortunate enough to get a partner who understands them that well.