Alex Hall Plastic Surgery: Has She Had Cosmetic Procedures?


Alex Hall is believed to have had plastic surgery.

Alex Hall looks too perfect and stunning in an unrealistic way that has led the Selling the OC viewers to think that she has had plastic surgery. Fans believe that the reality star has had Botox and fillers because of her waxy complexion. Alex Hall has never admitted to having plastic surgery. So far, she has not even acknowledged the fans’ curiosity about her appearance.

The second season of the real estate reality show Selling the OC has premiered on Netflix and people are hooked because of the will-they-won’t they tension between Alex Hall and the recently divorced Tyler Stanaland. The controversial romance between the pair might have repelled people but also kept them on the edge of their couches against their moral judgment.

Anyway, the drama has only increased their popularity, especially of Hall. It’s hard to tell she was just a regular realtor about a year ago. Now, Alex Hall is one of the most popular reality stars in America. She is no longer just a new realtor at the O Group’s office in Orange County, she’s no longer just a “skilled negotiator, visionary, entrepreneur, and expert strategic planner” as described in her Oppenheim Group bio. She’s a famous influencer now.

A famous social media personality who has recently become the new subject of plastic surgery discussions. With the limelight on her because of the new season of her real estate reality show, many viewers have taken to social media to discuss her appearance which many believe is unnatural because of her unattainable looks and waxy complexion. Here’s everything we know about Alex Hall’s plastic surgery!

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Alex Hall’s Plastic Surgery: The Reason Behind Her Perfectly Unrealistic Looks!

Alex Hall is suspected of having plastic surgery by her fans. houseandwhips.comAlex Hall is suspected of having plastic surgery by her fans.
Image Source: Radio Times

Alex Hall (@alexhalloc) is highly suspected by the Selling the OC viewers of having plastic surgery to achieve that perfect and unattainable look that she has. In particular, people think she has had Botox and fillers.

Love Alex or hate Alex, if you are binging the new season of Selling the OC on Netflix, you can’t really ignore her because this season, it looks like she forms the central part of every narrative of every single drama going on in the reality show. Most importantly, the major plot of the real estate show revolves around her controversial romance with recently divorced Tyler Stanaland. With most of the show revolving around her, she’s too much in the limelight, and with the limelight on her, she has become the target of plastic surgery speculations.

With all the villainous narratives about Alex Hall becoming the popular narrative, this season, she has garnered more critics and attracted more haters than she has garnered fans. She has become infamous lately but even if you are one of those critics, even if you believe that she’s the villain this season, you can’t deny that she is a very attractive villain because she looks very stunning. She looks so perfect that it seems unreal and that sort of appearance always invites plastic surgery speculations.

The reality star looks so fine and refined that she could be a doll. So perfect, so unattainable, yet unnatural and she has none of the softness that most people do. She looks a bit harsh and as if she’s about to melt down, and fans think that it’s because her beauty is not natural and has been enhanced with the aid of plastic surgery. I mean, look at her face and say if you don’t think that ‘d*mn that woman’s beautiful but she’s not natural.’

Alex Hall Has Not Acknowledged Her Plastic Surgery Speculations!

Alex Hall has not yet responded to her plastic surgery speculations.
houseandwhips.comAlex Hall has not yet responded to her plastic surgery speculations.
Image Source: Distractify

Alex Hall has that Instagram aesthetic that makes her look beautiful but generic and it’s really not hard to arrive at the conclusion that she took the help of plastic surgery to attain that look. She has that unrealistic flawless skin texture and a very weird pillowy complexion that is the tell-tale sign that she has had Botox and fillers. She does not really look the smoothest or puffiest but you can definitely tell that she has had non-surgical procedures because the way she looks is just not natural.

She’s beautiful but she’s definitely surgically enhanced and you can so tell that even if she won’t tell us herself. As far as she is concerned, she is not much concerned or bothered with all the plastic surgery speculations about her. She has never even acknowledged the fans’ curiosity regarding her appearance even though her appearance is so obviously been worked on and was bound to invite speculations.

It is possible that her pictures are photoshopped and edited to match that Instagram aesthetic but given that she’s one of the people from showbiz, it’s more likely that Alex Hall has had plastic surgery.