Alice Bhandhukravi’s Weight Gain: Has She Gained Weight?


Alice Bhandhukravi's Weight Gain: Has She Gained Weight?

Alice Bhandhukravi has been prompting weight gain speculations for quite a while now. The BBC newsreader definitely looks bigger than she was when she was just beginning her career and has put on several pounds since then. Fans want to know the reason behind her weight gain. However, Alice Bhandhukravi is very low-key and has never responded to people’s speculations about her weight.

Alice Bhandhukravi currently serves as a presenter and reporter for the BBC. She has been with the network since 20o6, presenting the bulletins and reports for the BBC London News as well as the main BBC news network. She also occasionally generates original story ideas and does on-site reporting as well. She used to work as a stockbroker in Spanish and Portuguese equity markets before she changed her career path and chose journalism.

Though she chose a job that requires her to be on camera and thus, very prominent most of the time, she is very private and lowkey by nature. There’s nothing about her that people know other than the fact that she is a reporter. She has not shared anything about herself with the public. So, even though there have been way too many weight gain and weight loss speculations about herself, she has never responded to them. Here’s everything we know about Alice Bhandhukravi’s weight gain!

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Did Alice Bhandhukravi Have Weight Gain? She Has Gotten a Lot Bigger Since She Joined BBC in 2006!

If you look at Google trends on the internet, it might feel as though her weight gain speculations precede Alice Bhandhukravi (@AliceBhand) because people want to know more about whether she’s gained weight and if she has, how, and less about herself. Her weight loss also frequently comes up.

Alice Bhandhukravi may not be in the news a lot except when she is in the news reporting it. But she sure creates headlines with her weight gain and weight loss. She doesn’t even have to gain or lose weight, people just search for the information about it and it just trends on the internet. Meanwhile, there’s no fluctuation in her weight. This has been going on for a long time.


Alice Bhandhukravi appears to have had weight gain since she joined the BBC in 2006. Alice Bhandhukravi appears to have had weight gain since she joined the BBC in 2006.
Image Source: BBC

There would be nothing to suggest that she had undergone weight gain or weight loss but still, there would be queries about it. It might be the micro-fluctuations in her weight that some really keen individuals with a hyper-awareness about people’s body mass might have found interesting because what else could it be? Not even the newsreader has given those speculations a thought and ever responded to them.

That might be because she’s very low-key. Alice Bhandhukravi keeps a really low profile and she has not put anything about herself on the internet. I mean, she doesn’t even have her own Wikipedia page. Not that she would be creating articles for herself, but the point is because there’s very little people know about her which might be why nobody bothered to create a page for her.

However, no matter how low-key Alice Bhandhukravi is, people always see her daily on the news. She might be a private person but she’s a very prominent presenter because well, she’s a presenter. So, because people see her on the news daily, they notice the changes in her appearance, and even when her weight slightly fluctuates, people get curious about her, which leads to her weight gain and weight loss trending on the internet.

The news reporter’s account got hacked one time after which the hackers made mention of her weight loss on her account. She then later clarified that it was not her and informed her followers that she was hacked via a tweet. That was probably the only time she ever responded to speculations about her weight in any capacity.

Anyway, Alice Bhandhukravi may not have had noticeable weight gain or weight loss at any point. But if you compare her recent pictures to her old pictures when she had just begun her career at BBC, you can so tell the difference because her weight gain is very obvious. She used to look much slimmer back then. She has gotten a lot bigger since then.

Her weight gain is nothing drastic and just changes that happened over a long period of time. So, there might be no certain reason that can be attributed to the change in her weight. It might be just the gradual change in her diet or something. Unless Alice Bhandhukravi herself talks about it, everything is just speculation.