Alison Brie’s Plastic Surgery: Why Does The Actress Look So Different From Her Community Days? Check Out Her Recent Pics!


Alison Brie's Plastic Surgery: Why Does The Actress Look So Different From Her Community Days? Check Out Her Recent Pics!

Alison Brie, after the advancement of her career in movies, has been the subject of plastic surgery speculations. Fans of the actress have noticed that she looks significantly different from her Community days and believe that she has had a nose job and breast implants. Many assume that might be because of her weight loss. But Alison Brie has neither acknowledged the plastic surgery speculations nor addressed the weight loss theories. 

Alison Brie is an American actress, writer, director, and producer who rose to prominence when she played the role of Annie Edison in the NBC sitcom Community. She got her breakthrough two years prior to that when she landed the role of Trudy Campbell in the drama series Mad Men. She won her a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in Mad Men. She also gained recognition for voicing Diane Nguyen in the animated comedy series BoJack Horseman.

She portrayed the character of Ruth Wilder in the comedy-drama series GLOW for which she received nominations for two Golden Globe Awards and two Critics’ Choice Awards. Besides her television work, Alison Brie has also made appearances in movies including Scream 4, The Five-Year Engagement, The Lego Movie, Get Hard, Sleeping with Other People, How to Be Single, The Little Hours, The Disaster Artist, The Post, Promising Young Woman, Horse Girl, The Rental, and Happiest Season.

People have noticed that in her more recent works, she looks significantly different from her Community days which, as you guessed it, has sparked plastic surgery rumors. Many fans assume that it’s just weight loss that’s making her look like that but such fans are fewer in number compared to those who believe she has undergone some cosmetic procedures. Let’s find out more about Alison Brie’s plastic surgery speculations!

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Alison Brie’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Say that The Community Star Looks Like She’s Had a Nose Job and Breast Implants in Her Recent Pics!

Alison Brie (@alisonbrie), as fans have noted, looks significantly different from her Community days. After comparing her old pictures with her recent pics, fans have come to the conclusion that she has undergone some plastic surgery procedures. They suspect she has had a nose job, breast implants, and veneers. Some think she looks that way because of her weight loss.

She recently appeared in the romantic comedy Somebody I Used to Know in which she starred in the lead role and which she co-wrote with her husband Dave Franco. The movie released on Amazon Prime Video on February 10 has garnered a very positive reception since then. This movie has brought to light how times have changed and how that is reflected in Alison Brie’s face because she looks so different from the time she played Annie in Community. It could be because she has gotten older since then but many fans cannot help thinking that it’s because of plastic surgery.

There are many people who believe that the change in the appearance of the Mad Men star is because of weight loss. But the fact that her face is much slimmer and looks more mature now has made some fans think that she had buccal fat removal surgery. They believe that it was because of plastic surgery and not weight loss that her face does not look as round as it did before.

Many fans have also noted that Alison Brie’s nose, in particular, looks very different than before, which they have credited to a nose job. Not that she didn’t have a great nose before but now it looks more refined and more aesthetic-y type. The tip is more upturned and you can see more nostrils now. Some people argue that it’s just makeup and that the change in her nose has nothing to do with plastic surgery.

They argued that Alison Brie was deliberately doing her makeup like that to avoid her Community look so that she can get out of that long-standing role in order to avoid getting typecast as that personality or look. They say that they don’t see that the actress has had plastic surgery though even they agree that she has gotten veneers. Veneers, many think it’s obvious on her.

Some fans also believe that Alison Brie has had breast implants because of how slim she is but how distinctively full her breasts are. She’s reportedly 32C but many believe that she’s actually 28F and got plastic surgery to enhance them. That claim has been countered by people who argue that her cleavage looks natural. They pointed out that slim women don’t have sufficient tissue to cover the ridge line so when they get breast implants, it gives them a ‘bolted-on’ appearance and Alison does not have that fake look.

Whether Alison Brie has had plastic surgery or not, we can’t tell for certain until she acknowledges those rumors herself and confirms or denied it. So far, she has not addressed her weight loss speculations as well.

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