Alison Law’s Weight Loss: How Did The Curvy Brides Boutique Host Lose Weight? Did She Have Surgery?


Alison Law's Weight Loss: How Did The Curvy Brides Boutique Host Lose Weight? Did She Have Surgery?

Alison Law underwent a weight loss of 30 pounds in 2021 after she got sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The Curvy Brides Boutique host had been struggling with her weight for a long time before that. She had tried several diets but none of them worked because of her overeating habits, her PCOS, and her diabetes medication. However, after the surgery, Alison Law has been maintaining her weight loss successfully.   

You might recognize Alison Law from Curvy Bride Boutiques. She hosts the show along with Jo Cooke. They help overweight women find the perfect fit for their wedding dresses in the TLC show. The television personality also hosts My Big Beautiful Wedding Dress.

In the recent few years, she has been making headlines with her weight loss. She had always struggled with her weight and despite making several efforts to lose weight, she simply couldn’t shed off because of certain pre-existing conditions. She went the surgery route and only then, she successfully got slimmer. Let’s learn more about Alison Law’s weight loss!

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Alison Law’s Weight Loss: The Television Presenter Underwent Bariatric Surgery to Lose Weight!

Alison Law (@curvybrides_al) underwent a weight loss of about 30 pounds in 2021 after she got bariatric surgery.

Alison Law had to struggle with her weight since she was very young. She first started noticing that her weight was increasing after she turned 11. That was not much of a problem except she suffered from migraines and was put on steroid-based medication which made her gain more and more. She was just piling on the weight so, she made many efforts for weight loss which were all unsuccessful.

It was only when Alison Law discovered that she had polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) that she found out why her weight loss efforts were not working. PCOS is a condition that made it difficult to lose weight. A few years later, she was also diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. It not only threatened her health but the medication she had to cure her diabetes also caused further weight.

It was like everything was stacked against her. Alison Law had to struggle with her weight for a long time because weight loss was very difficult for someone with her condition. She was unhappy with the way she looked and she didn’t feel good about herself. It was affecting her every single day. Her body image issues got worse and it damaged her self-esteem.

There was nothing she didn’t try. Alison Law tried so many diets several times but none of them worked. She realized that it was not just a setback because of PCOS and the diabetes medication but it was also because of her eating habit. As she said, she was the one who put the food in her mouth and it was what she put in her mouth and how much that was responsible for her weight gain. So, to have weight loss, she decided to change that.

But as soon as she realized that reducing the amount of her food intake was easier said than done, she gave up on it and began researching her options for bariatric surgery. After some time, Alison Law finally became eligible for weight loss surgery after she showed that she could lose enough weight to make the procedure safe and prove she had the discipline to keep the weight off.

Her surgery was booked soon after and the doctor performed the laparoscopic procedure to staple off and remove a large part of her stomach and effectively turned it from a pouch into a sleeve. After Alison Law had the sleeve gastrectomy surgery, she underwent a weight loss of 30 kg. She weighed 128 kilos before the procedure. Her relationship with food changed drastically after the surgery. She now eats very small meals and is on a strict diet plan to ensure she gets the nutrients she needs despite her reduced appetite.

Not only that, but her health also improved drastically after her weight loss and she was even taken off her diabetes medication. When she woke up after the surgery, her blood sugar level rapidly plummeted which was an immediate and complete remission of her Type 2 diabetes. Alison Law is now successfully maintaining her weight loss. She talked about her surgery in a Facebook post, where she wrote,

Following a recent post asking about me after surgery, I’m doing well thank you for asking 💗 Since my surgery I have walked/run the length of the UK twice, taken up cycling, have dropped 6 dress sizes and no longer suffer with joint pain or Diabetes 💙 thanks to our NHS I have a quality of life back that I will never take for granted again. My size was never an issue for me because I’ve always been a confident woman but my health wasn’t good.

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