Alison Moyet’s Weight Loss: How Did The Singer Lose Weight? What Diet Plan Did She Follow? Did She Have Surgery?


Alison Moyet's Weight Loss: How Did The Singer Lose Weight? What Diet Plan Did She Follow? Did She Have Surgery?

Alison Moyet has one of the most dramatic transformation stories from when she underwent a weight loss and dropped down to size 10 from size 22. The singer said that she lost weight because of health reasons and she didn’t want to have to be taken care of by the patronizing thin when she got old. Alison Moyet, however, has not revealed what diet she followed for weight loss. Some people think she has had surgery.

Alison Moyet MBE is an English singer who rose to prominence as half of the duo Yazoo (also known as Yaz). Since then, she has mostly been working as a solo artist. She is most noted for her powerful bluesy contralto voice. She has sold over two million singles and her worldwide album sales have reached a certified 23 million albums.

Every album she has released – all nine of her studio albums and three compilation albums – has charted in the top 30 of the UK Albums Chart. Two of them even peaked at number one. Alison Moyet has also achieved nine top 30 singles and six top 10 hits on the UK Singles Chart.

Though she has an illustrious career, her weight has always overshadowed her work. Ever since she started out, she was the subject of weight-related discussions. She thought, wrongly, that if she has weight loss, the talks surrounding her size and appearance would end. However, when she finally lost weight after taking her health into consideration, the discussions about her increased even more. People still talk about it. Let’s talk about Alison Moyet’s weight loss!

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Alison Moyet’s Weight Loss: The Singer Dropped Down to Size 10 from Size 22; Check Out Her Diet and If She Had Surgery!

Alison Moyet (@alisonmoyetofficial) underwent very drastic weight loss when she dropped down to size 10 from size 22. Her physical transformation after she got slimmer was the most incredible. Everyone was amazed and stunned to see her new look. She had lost more than half her weight and people could not stop talking about it. It’s been almost a decade since she lost weight but people are still talking about it. It gets brought up whenever her name comes up.

Alison Moyet didn’t humor the pointlessly shallow and unfair beauty standards set by society. In fact, it looked like she would get out of her way to not be sexy when she wrapped herself in kaftans and hid her elfin features with outlandish make-up and a mullet. She was always about the music from very early on but because she was one of the biggest artists of the 80s, at the height of her fame, her waistline got as much attention as her music, if not more.

As her career progressed and her star rose, so did her dress size, and then, her weight begin to overshadow her music. Her soulful music was apparently not interesting enough for the scathing industry she was in. Her fans who used to praise her music began to advise her to have weight loss. Guaranteed, she had changed a lot, she has reached size 22 but still, it was too presumptive on her fans’ part to give unsolicited advice like that.

With all the talk surrounding her weight, Alison Moyet began thinking she went too far and then, in 2013, she took the advice her fans had been giving her about losing weight and underwent a drastic weight loss. She shed more than half of her weight and dropped down to size 10. The transformation was very dramatic. Explaining what made her decide to make that change, she said that she was concerned with the idea of being an obese old woman and physically incapable in someone else’s hands.

Alison Moyet shared that she had smoked and eaten too much rubbish in her time (rich people’s white bread and Spam) and had lost and put on big batches of weight in her life many times. She then revealed that the catalyst for her to make that change and embark on a weight loss journey was the want to not be incapacitated because of weight because as she said, she needed her privacy. She didn’t want to depend on others to take care of herself and also, “it was a mixture of health reasons and the fact she didn’t want to be looked after by the patronizing thin.”

However, the singer was not much happy about the weight loss. Alison Moyet had worked hard for that and she was glad that her efforts didn’t go in vain. But she felt that she had lost a little too much weight. So, she even started working on getting fatter again because according to her, women look better when they have some curves on them. In an interview she gave in 2013, she said,

Personally I think women look better with a bit of chub on them. I’ve lost too much weight and I’m currently working very hard on getting fatter again.

It was the most candid she had been about her weight. Alison Moyet had, at other times, always been too reluctant to discuss her weight because she didn’t want to betray the ‘sisterhood.’ But she happily broke rank during that interview. Maybe because she was not going gaga over her weight loss like the public. I mean, she said that she was working on getting fatter again. She said that she didn’t want the approval that came because of her weight loss.

It’s funny as my whole character has been based upon not getting approval elsewhere. And I don’t like the kind of approval that goes along with weight loss. Still, in my 50s, where my next significant event is being a grandmother, I have to worry about my scraggy a***.

Maybe because she doesn’t care for approval, Alison Moyet has not revealed how she lost weight. She has not what kind of changes she made to her diet. Some fans think she has had surgery. We shall never know until she confirms it.

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