Fantastic Beasts: Alison Sudol’s Plastic Surgery; Queenie Goldstein’s Face Looks Different!


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Fantastic Beasts: Alison Sudol's Plastic Surgery; Queenie Goldstein's Face Looks Different!

Alison Sudol, Queenie Goldstein from the Fantastic Beast series sparked rumors of plastic surgery after The Secrets of Dumbledore premiered on HBO Max. Fans of the actress claim that she looks completely different now, especially her face which they believe is due to plastic surgery while others think that it’s because of pregnancy and miscarriage. Alison Sudol hasn’t yet responded to any of those speculations.

Alison Sudol is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and music video director. She started her career in singing in 2007 after a short demo she sent out received attention from EMI’s Jason Flom and he signed her after visiting her house and ‘listening to her play’. Her music has been featured in numerous television shows and movies. In 2014, she began to focus on acting. She played the recurring role of Kaya, a singer in the first season of the Amazon Video series Transparent.

In 2015, Alison Sudol appeared in the television series Dig as the archaeologist Emma Wilson. She was named one of ‘The 7 Most Exciting Newcomers on TV this Season’ by Elle in January 2015. She broke into mainstream popularity in 2016 when she starred in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a spin-off and prequel to one of the most successful franchises Harry Potter, in the role of Queenie Goldstein. She reprised the role of Queenie in the sequels of Fantastic Beasts; The Crimes of Grindelwald, and The Secrets of Dumbledore.

The Secrets of Dumbledore recently made its streaming service debut on HBO Max on May 30. After the movie premiered, people took to social media to discuss the movie. And one thing that wasn’t skipped while discussing it was that Alison Sudol looked unrecognizable. Pretty soon, Alison Sudol’s plastic surgery rumors were trending on the internet.

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Alison Sudol’s Plastic Surgery: The Actress Looks Different in Before and After Pictures!

Though Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore had released theatrically on April 8, it was not much hyped and didn’t create any buzz which was in complete contrast to what happened when the movie premiered on the streaming service. After The Secrets of Dumbledore was out on HBO Max, it garnered much more viewers than it did when it was released in theatres. And subsequently, there was a wave of discussion about the movies on the internet which unfailingly mentioned or rather questioned if Alison Sudol (@alisonsudol) has had plastic surgery.

As per the movie watchers, it was unmissable how Alison Sudol looked different. Her face was completely unrecognizable. On getting the first glimpse of her in The Secrets of Dumbledore, lots of people were like, ‘What’s up with Alison Sudol’s face? Plastic surgery? She looks completely different from how she looked in the first two Fantastic Beasts series. Her face has completely changed and she almost looks like a different actress in this one. She was already beautiful and didn’t need to change her look like that at all.’

Some people commented that she must have spent time between the movies with the plastic surgeon. She apparently looked like she was in shock in every scene.

There are multiple threads on Reddit about Alison Sudol’s plastic surgery. People commented how they couldn’t get over how Alison’s face looked completely different. They wrote that everything on her face had changed and it looked like she had major work done. On her eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, and jaws everywhere. A fan mentioned that the shape of her eyes probably looked different now and lost their round shape because they cut off too much skin during the process of upper and lower blepharoplasty.

However, fans were not much complimentary about the face change because as they said, she looked much more gorgeous before but after the plastic surgery, she looks kind of plain. Some Redditors also countered the speculations that Queenie Goldstein from Fantastic movies had cosmetic surgery done on her face, especially in the light of new information.

Apparently, the actress was pregnant while filming for The Secrets of Dumbledore which might have caused her face too different. What many believe to be plastic surgery done on her face could very well be the result of changes due to her being pregnant and gaining weight.

However, not everybody believed that Alison Sudol’s face looked different because of the pregnancy. In fact, some of them thought that she was replaced in the movie with someone else who was made to look like her until they looked up the cast members of the movie. Some fans thought that she looked like she had a stroke that’s why they CGI’d her face.

Anyway, despite the comment section flooding with talks about Alison Sudol’s plastic surgery, the actress has not yet responded to such rumors. So, we will never know for sure exactly what plastic surgery procedures she got if she did.

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