Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss: How Did The Summer House Star Lose So Much Weight?


Amanda Batula's Weight Loss: How Did The Summer House Star Lose So Much Weight?

Amanda Batula has undergone an extreme physical transformation since she embarked on her weight loss journey after her Summer House days. The reality star credited her slender figure to intermittent fasting and cutting out carbs and sugar. She also stressed the importance of eating a lot of proteins and vegetables. One of the most important tips Amanda Batula gave for weight loss was not to step on the scale.

Amanda Batula appeared on the first season of the Bravo reality series Summer House and we have been seeing her on the screen since then. The television personality joined the main cast of the reality series in the second season and she has been doing the show since then. She was also featured in the spin-off Winter House which premiered on October 2021.

She has changed a lot since she first started out. You might not even recognize her at all if you haven’t kept up with him. She took things too far when she took being on the screen so seriously that she became ready to change herself to the extreme. She underwent a weight loss transformation and it looks like the process is ongoing.  She recently sparked more speculations about her weight after she shared some photos of her slim physique with her defined abs popping through. Let’s learn more about Amanda Batula’s weight loss journey!

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Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss: The Reality Star Looks Extremely Slender These Days!

If you have been keeping up with Amanda Batula (@amandabatula) since her Summer House days, you might have noticed that she looks different these days, much more slender than before. She used to be quite heavy when she was doing that reality show and things haven’t been the same for her since then because she chose to undergo a weight loss transformation.

Every picture she posts on Instagram shows that Amanda Batula is on a weight loss journey because all her posts remind of how slim she has gotten over the years. When a lot of people would make fun of her and cruel comments in the past for being heavy, now she’s mostly praised for her extremely toned physique. People are nowadays only complimenting her delicate figure or slim stomach.

Some fans are even concerned about her because she has been taking it too far and being extreme with her weight loss. They think that Amanda Batula is closing in on being unhealthily skinny in the name of losing weight. A few months ago, she posted a cryptic Instagram story writing that her body had gone through some changes which made people curious. But a couple of weeks later, when she posted her pictures, the change turned out to be that she had lost even more weight. Like that’s too much weight to be losing.

It does not look like the reality star has once taken a rest since she embarked on her weight loss journey about three years ago. Amanda Batula had once opened up about how her body had changed after she lost some weight. Answering fans’ questions on her Instagram stories, she revealed that she was at her heaviest weight during Season 2 of Summer House which was her first official season. She didn’t know exactly how much she weighed because refused to step on a scale. But she believed that she had lost between 15 to 20 pounds since then. She said that she was back down to the weight that she had been in college.

Amanda Batula was not very happy with her body during the second season of Summer House because even though she might not have been very huge, she did gain weight very evenly and it got in her face a lot. She didn’t like how she had to buy a whole new wardrobe because she could not fit into her clothes that year. The University of Connecticut graduate embarked on a weight loss journey after being irate with her condition and she does not have that problem anymore.

So, for those wondering how did Amanda Batula lose weight, it does not seem like she accomplished such with workouts from what her fiance Kyle Cooke told in 2020. He said that her workout routine was basically non-existent and revealed that Amanda wasn’t too fond of the gym.

The Summer House star has not denied that and when she opened up about her weight loss, she credited intermittent fasting and Bulletproof coffee and cutting out all sugar and carbs for the results she got. She also said that she found it helpful when she gave in to her cravings in small doses so that she didn’t overindulge. She also shared a few tips about not counting calories but just trying to eat a lot of protein and vegetables.

One of the most important tips Amanda Batula gave for weight loss was not to step on the scale. She explained,

I avoided the scale for a full year because the number that you see doesn’t matter, what mattered to me was how I felt in the clothes that I was wearing and how I physically felt about myself. As long as your favorite pair of jeans fit — that’s the end goal.

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