Amanda Freitag’s Husband: Married Life & Partner in 2022!


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Amanda Freitag's Husband: Married Life & Partner in 2022!

Amanda Freitag was believed to have a husband after she tweeted a birthday wish to a person who she addressed as an awesome husband. But the spouse thing came to be false when she told a fan that she was not married. Online queries revolve around Amanda Freitag’s husband’s name, partner, baby, family, child, and whether she is single.

Amanda Freitag is an American chef who is most recognized for co-hosting the Food Network series American Diner Revival on which they make over diners’ menus and interiors, with Ty Pennington since 2015.

The Tournament of Champions alum began her television career in cooking in 2009 with The Martha Stewart Show. She also competed in The Next Iron Chef in the second season and came in fourth place. She has also served as a judge on Chopped.

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Does Amanda Freitag Have a Husband?

It’s been a long time since Amanda Freitag (@chefamandaf) has been a regular figure in the cooking-entertaining field. She has amassed impressive goodwill in the culinary world with her culinary skills.

Besides that, she has also managed to garner a lot of fan-following for herself. And her fanbase is always invested not only in her cooking career but also in her personal life.

And lately, people have been wondering about Amanda Freitag’s love life. Is the chef single or does she have a boyfriend? Could she have already been married to someone? She has never shared anything about it. And there has never been any news of her marriage or engagement or relationship.

No news does not mean no rumors. Back in 2012, rumors of her being a married woman circulated widely. She herself, unintentionally or intentionally, we may never know – set off those rumors when she made a tweet in August, which hinted at her having a husband.

The tweet was of her wishing a happy birthday to a person who went by the Twitter username Ekfman57, who she addressed as her awesome husband. Amanda Freitag did not once talk about her getting married publicly but just once tweeted and addressed her alleged husband. And rumors or could it be news began to flood. She never commented on the whole thing.

Maybe that one tweet was her way of sharing with everyone that she was a married woman. And that was the only thing she wanted to share. Because except for that one tweet, she never mentioned that person who apparently was her husband ever again.

The identity of the person has not been revealed but he is said to be someone living in Pennsylvania who is a huge hockey fan.

Anyway, after about one and a half years after the tweet to her husband, a fan asked her if she was married or not. She didn’t keep silent about it then like she had always done. In response to that question, Amanda Freitag replied that she was not married to anyone.

So, she might have gotten divorced sometime after the tweet. And her choosing to answer that question could have been her way of announcing that she was divorced?

Amanda Freitag was also linked with a man named Raphael, who supposedly was working as an ultrasound technician. If the rumors were to be believed, she had been in a relationship with that man for six years. But turned out those were just baseless and silly rumors because Amanda denied those. How that rumor came to originate nobody knows.

The television personality was also said to be dating a man named Gregory Alan when she posted selfies with the man on her Instagram handle in June 2016 captioning it ‘my favorite selfie partner.’ However, this narrative came to an end when the selfie partner got married to a woman called Elena Ruiz in June 2018.

Every rumor about her relationship seems to have been falsified eventually. So, has she never been in a relationship? Or has she managed to brush every little and big detail about her private life under the carpet? Or could she be a closeted gay?

This is the conclusion or another question that her fans arrived at after all the rumors about Amanda Freitag’s relationships with men were discovered to be untrue.

Her sexual orientation replaced her relationship to be the new topic for speculation. Apparently, it happened after she posted a picture of herself supporting the LGBT community.

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