Amanda Woods Plastic Surgery: Has She Had Cosmetic Procedures?


Amanda Woods does not appear to have had plastic surgery.

Amanda Woods’ fans want to know if she has had plastic surgery. They want to know if she’s all-natural or if her beauty is enhanced with cosmetic procedures. Looking at her, it does not look like the Mrs. Brown’s Boys star has gone under the knife or even injections. Amanda Woods has never addressed her fans’ curiosity regarding her plastic surgery.

Amanda Woods is widely recognized for her portrayal of the character of Betty Brown on the show Mrs. Brown’s Boys. The Irish actress has managed to become a household name in the UK with that iconic role of hers. She has also done Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie and toured with the show for Mrs. Brown’s Boys Live Tour: Good Mourning Mrs. Brown.

The show does not just get the credit for her fame but it also gets the credit for setting her up in a life-long relationship (she is married to her co-star Danny O’Carroll, who is the son of the show’s creator Brendan O’Carroll). It also does not harm her that she always has a specific fanbase (of the show) that’s going to keep her relevant forever though she might find it irritating at times such as when people speculate about the plastic surgery procedures she has had. Let’s discuss Amanda Woods’ plastic surgery!

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Amanda Woods’ Plastic Surgery: She Doesn’t Appear to Have Had Cosmetic Works!

Amanda Woods's fans want to know if she has had plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comAmanda Woods’s fans want to know if she has had plastic surgery.
Image Source: Instagram

Amanda Woods‘s (@amandaocarroll) fans, on looking at her Instagram pictures, often wonder if she is all-natural or if she has succumbed to the trend of plastic surgery and gotten cosmetic work done because she hasn’t really changed much and she is already 41 (she is supposed to be showing signs of aging). Some of her followers think that she has had Botox.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys fans may disagree on a lot of stuff about the show but one thing they all collectively agree on is that Betty Brown is absolutely gorgeous because Amanda Woods is really one of the most good-looking gals out there. And when someone is that beautiful and undeniably so, especially if they are in the entertainment industry,  people always can’t help but wonder if they are blessed naturally or if they have had help from plastic surgery.

It’s the same for the Irish actress as well. Even when the show was going on, the viewers used to often speculate whether she had work done, and even now after it’s been years since then, they speculate about her plastic surgery (the same thing) whenever they come across a photo of hers on Instagram. It does not help Amanda Woods’ case that she has maintained herself really well and she still looks pretty much the same as she did on the show.

In fact, it’s because she has maintained herself really well and she hasn’t changed much which is to say she hasn’t aged much that she’s attracted more speculations about her plastic surgery because she is already in her forties now and she still looks like how she was in the show which she did in her mid-twenties. I mean, there’s a gap of more than a decade and it just does not show on her face.

Amanda Woods Has Never Addressed Plastic Surgery Speculations!

Amanda Woods has not yet acknowledged plastic surgery speculations about her. houseandwhips.comAmanda Woods has not yet acknowledged plastic surgery speculations about her.
Image Source: Irish Mirror

Not that Amanda Woods was supposed to get all shriveled and wrinkled up (she is just 41) but it’s time for her to show signs of aging. Like she is supposed to have developed pronounced crinkles around her eyes and wrinkles on the forehead, she is supposed to have formed laugh lines, but has she? No, not at all. Scroll through her photos on her Instagram profile and you will be shocked to see that there’s not even a hint of wrinkles or lines on her face. Can that be natural? Or has she had the aid of plastic surgery?

While her evergreen beauty and radiance in the face of time say that Amanda Woods is not without the aid of cosmetic procedures, her flawless and natural-looking face suggests that she is all-natural and that she has not really dabbled in any plastic surgery procedure. If she had defied aging with the help of such procedures, we could have figured it out because cosmetic surgery does not really give you a youthful look, it trades it in exchange for the naturalness and softness you have.

And Amanda Woods does not look harsh like most people who get plastic surgery do, she does not look suspiciously smooth like them, she just looks radiant. She does not appear as if she has had plastic surgery at all. Some people think she has had the perfect dose of Botox but those are just speculations and we can never ever tell that for sure until she herself confirms it and so far, she has not even addressed the cosmetic surgery speculations.