Angelina Pivarnick’s Boyfriend 2023: Is The Jersey Shore Star Engaged to Vinny Tortorella? Or Is She Still Single Two Years After Her Divorce?


Angelina Pivarnick's Boyfriend 2023: Is The Jersey Shore Star Engaged to Vinny Tortorella? Or Is She Still Single Two Years After Her Divorce?

Who is Angelina Pivarnick’s boyfriend as of 2023? Or is the Jersey Shore star single? Fans want to know her relationship status. They are especially curious to see if she’s moved on after her marriage to Chris Larangeira ended. Their divorce had been finalized two years ago. As it turns out, Angelina Pivarnick has a new boyfriend Vinny Tortorella and she has been dating him since before 2023. The rumor has it that the reality star’s already engaged to him. The viewers are excited to see Vinny Tortorella in the upcoming season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. 

Angelina Pivarnick is an American reality television personality who can be most recognized from her appearance in the first two seasons of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore and its spin-off, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. She joined the cast of the reality series in 2009 but was evicted quickly in the third episode because she refused to work her shift at the T-shirt shop.

She rejoined the show in Season two but departed again after she had violent confrontations with other castmates. She did not return for Season three and four but she did make guest appearances during the fifth and sixth seasons. In 2018, she joined Jersey Shore: Family Vacation as a recurring guest and a year later, she became a full-time cast member.

Angelina Pivarnick also appeared on the VH1 show Couples Therapy in 2012 with her then-boyfriend. She competed in the professional wrestling promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in a six-person tag team match. In 2018, she and her then-fiance Chris Larangeira made an appearance on the show How Far is Tatto Far? Next year, she made a guest appearance in Double Shot at Love.

The reality star’s fans are curious to know her relationship status and want to know who her boyfriend is in 2023. They want to know if she’s moved on after her marriage to Larangeira ended. Her divorce from her ex-husband was finalized two years ago so, fans wanted to know how she was doing for herself and if she was still single or if she had begun dating. There are rumors that she’s been dating someone named Vinny Tortorella. Let’s find out about Angelina Pivarnick’s boyfriend in 2023!

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Angeline Pivarnick’s Boyfriend 2023: The Reality Star Has Been Dating Vinny Tortorella!

As per reports, Angelina Pivarnick (@angelinamtv) is in a relationship with a new boyfriend called Vinny Tortorella and they have been dating for quite a while now. Rumors have it that she is already engaged to him.

Fans were curious to find out if Angelina Pivarnick had moved on after her marriage with Chris Larangeira and if she had got herself a new boyfriend because it’s 2023 and it’s been two years since her divorce. Now that the reality star walked the red carpet at the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere with Vinny Tortorella in matching black outfits and made their debut as a couple, people now know that she’s moved on and has been dating him. She also took her new beau as her plus-one at her sister Alyssa Pivarnick‘s wedding.

Well, it’s time she moved on. It’s been a long time since Angelina Pivarnick’s divorce from Chris Larangeira was finalized. The end of her marriage must have been hard for her, what with having to deal with all the accusations of infidelity and infidelity itself. Her ex-husband suspected that she had a series of affairs with her All Star Shore costar Luis ‘Porto’ Caballero and then with another man named Joe, and immediately moved out of their home. And that was the end of the marriage. Pivarnick has denied cheating but it was of no use. Their divorce was a long process.

However, all that’s behind her now. Now, Angelina Pivarnick is happily dating her boyfriend Vinny Tortorella. Fans first heard of him in Season five when the Jersey Shore star revealed to her castmates that she was in a relationship with another Vinny. He was even pegged ‘Vinny 2.0.’ (She used to flirt with her costar Vinny Guadagnino.) When Jenni Farley pushed for more details about the relationship, Angelina told that she did not see a future with anyone but she was just gonna enjoy herself.

In Season six which premiered January 26, Vinny Tortorella came up again during a game of Truth or Dare when Angelina Pivarnick shared that her new boyfriend was prying into her love life and she found that flattering and cute. The trailer of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation teased that he would be making his debut later next season. Viewers were excited that they would finally get to meet him.

They were looking forward to knowing Vinny Tortorella ever since the rumors that he and Angelina Pavernick were engaged, surfaced. The rumors that she had taken the next step in her relationship with her new boyfriend and gotten engaged to him started after a TikTok video of a proposal went viral. In the video that was taken during the filming of the reality show in New Orleans, the Jersey Shore cast was seated for a meal. And a man believed to be Vinny ‘the mystery man’ at the time dropped down to one knee and lifted a small box in Pavernick’s direction.

The rumors that Angelina Pivarnick and her boyfriend Vinny Tortorella got engaged were debunked quickly when it was reported that the video “was a prank” despite it looking like a real proposal. And an insider revealed that Pivarnick did not actually get engaged in New Orleans.

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