Anna Cathcart’s Teeth: What About The Gaps Between Them?


Anna Cathcart's Teeth: What About The Gaps Between Them?

Anna Cathcart does not have perfectly straight teeth. The XO, Kitty actress has gaps between them which some of her fans think might be because she has a habit of finger-sucking or tongue-thrusting. We don’t know if that’s true but what we do know is Anna Cathcart has gotten very self-conscious about her teeth because she no longer smiles with her mouth open. She smiles with her lips pursed. 

Anna Cathcart reprised her role as Kitty Covey in XO, Kitty and fans are thrilled about the Netflix spin-off series. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, the original series, was an instant hit among the Gen-Z and the viewers fell in love with Kitty. So, they were absolutely delighted to have a spin-off series about her.

Having done Xo, Kitty, she is more popular than ever and that has brought a lot of attention her way. People are watching every single thing she does and scrutinizing her appearance very closely. Especially her teeth. Lots of her fans are just googling Anna Cathcart’s teeth. Why? Let’s find out!

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What’s Wrong With Anna Cathcart’s Teeth?

Anna Cathcart‘s (@annacathcart) teeth have distracted a lot of people from focusing on her acting whenever she’s on the screen. Every time she speaks or opens her mouth, people notice that her teeth aren’t perfectly straight and then they wonder what’s wrong with them.

Well, nothing really. As mentioned above, Anna Cathcart’s teeth are just not straight and perfect which is somewhat rare for someone in the glamor industry. What people are used to is every person in the entertainment industry being very conscious of their looks and putting a lot of effort to look perfect (which has literally created a million-dollar industry of hair, makeup, styling, etc.). If someone does not like the way they look, they even get plastic surgery to fit into what society deems beautiful.

Anna Cathcart's teeth are not perfectly straight and have gaps between them.
Anna Cathcart’s teeth are not perfectly straight and have gaps between them.
Image Source: Hola

In other words, celebrities make sure to ummm… make every single physical feature more palatable (for lack of a better word) to the general public and on screen. And every single feature includes teeth also. It’s necessary to celebs that they have the perfect teeth and the brightest smile. So, if they are in any way less than perfect, which is to say they are not perfectly straight and aligned, they get it done. You must have heard of cosmetic dentistry.

People in showbiz get cosmetic dentistry to fix their teeth if they are crooked and misaligned and not straight. Most celebs go for veneers and come out with the perfect set of teeth. There are very few people with “bad teeth” in the entertainment industry. And Anna Cathcart happens to be among those few and this has become a source of a lot of negativity in her life.

The actress has little gaps between her teeth and some fans wonder if that’s genetic or if she has a habit of finger-sucking or a tongue thrust. Some people think that the spacing may have occurred like it does when people have thick bands of gum tissue called frenums that cause the gap between the teeth.

Anna Cathcart never smiles with her mouth open.
Anna Cathcart never smiles with her mouth open.
Image Source: People

Maybe fans don’t intend any harm when they google Anna Cathcart’s teeth and they are just curious what the fuss about it is. But I don’t think Anna thinks of what people intend when they do that. She probably notices that a lot of people are googling that which seems to have made her too much self-conscious about her appearance. It almost looks as though she’s paying for the crime of not having perfectly straight teeth.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with teeth that aren’t straight and aligned and there’s nothing wrong with Anna Cathcart’s as well. It’s perfectly fine that she has little gaps between hers which shows when she smiles and opens her mouth to speak. What’s not fine is her fans bringing up how her teeth look every time she comes up and paying her back-handed compliments like ‘Oh, she’s stunning despite how her teeth look.’ These kinds of comments are affecting her.

Notice how every picture of her smiling open-mouthed is of when Anna Cathcart was young. Now, she smiles with her lips closed which is very evident because there’s no single picture of her smiling with her mouth open. She’s obviously very conscious about her teeth. She’s obviously gleaned from the search trends about her that fans are too focused on her teeth and that they would like to know why they look like that.