Anna Richardson’s Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Surgery Has The Naked Attraction Host Had?


Anna Richardson's Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Surgery Has The Naked Attraction Host Had?

Anna Richardson has undergone several plastic surgery procedures mainly Botox, Cool Sculpting, and vampire facial. The Naked Attraction host opts to have these plastic surgery procedures because she presents How Not To Get Old and it’s in her job description to road-test these various procedures. Anna Richardson looks younger than her age maybe because she underwent some of these procedures.

Anna Richardson is an English television presenter, writer, and journalist who is best known as the host of Channel 4’s Naked Attraction. She has presented various other shows for the network, including Supersize vs Superskinny, The Sex Education Show, Secret Eaters, Supershoppers, You Are What You Eat, and Changing Rooms. Most of the programs she has hosted revolve around body image, physicality, health, or all of them.

So, her body image, physicality, appearance, and health, as a host of those shows, also come under scrutiny. And all that scrutiny has amounted to plastic surgery speculations after all these years. Yeah, she looks younger than her age. So, fans surmise that she has had cosmetic work done to borrow her youthfulness for some time more. And they are right to think so because she has confirmed having some procedures. Let’s learn more about Anna Richardson’s plastic surgery!

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Anna Richardson’s Plastic Surgery: The Television Presenter Has Opened Up Abou Having Botox, CoolSculting, and Vampire Facial!

Anna Richardson (@annarichardso) has been around too long for people not to notice that she’s been not aging at all and to speculate that she has had plastic surgery. One thing great about her is that she is very candid about the cosmetic procedures she gets, so there’s no need for speculation. Fans can have direct confirmation from her. So far, she has admitted to having Botox, vampire facial, and CoolSculpting.

These recent years, fans have not been able to move past Anna Richardson’s face. Because she looks way too similar to the way she did in her recent years and also too different which made people wonder what she had messed her face with, both simultaneously. So, plastic surgery speculations have been in order for her. Viewers have picked up on every small change to her face.

While some people think that Anna Richardson looks too young for her age, others think that she looks too smooth to look natural. Some fans comment things like, ‘Does she never age?’ and ‘Why does she look like she is in her 20s when she is decades older than that?’ Others write things such as ‘What has she done to her face?’ and ‘Unrecognisable! Wasn’t convinced it was the same person. Leave your faces alone celebs!!’

Yeah, it does not look like Anna Richardson ever had a chance to escape plastic surgery allegations. In a 2014 interview, she revealed that she has had Botox and lipo treatment to look the way she did then.

I love Botox! I started using it about a year ago and I’m so impressed! I’m like a drug addict – a proper Botox junkie!

Anna Richardson has opted for several plastic surgery procedures to test them out. You see she presented Channel 4 show How Not to Get Old and road-tested the various cosmetic procedures and non-surgical treatments to investigate whether they really de-age people. She got one Vampire Facial, a procedure done to boost collagen production which involves taking blood from people’s arm and injecting it into their faces.

Even though Anna Richardson was not fond of needles, she got plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments because it was her duty to try things and report back. She was excited about the vampire facial because it was said to boost the production of collagen and smoothen the skin. But, rather than that, she looked like she had been badly bruised. Many people even asked her if she had been in an accident. Though she began seeing results after two weeks, the effect didn’t last long and her eyebags came back again.

Anna Richardson also opted to give another cosmetic procedure called CoolSculpting a go in 2013. It was supposed to freeze her fat but instead, it left her feeling like a “frozen ­chicken breast”. And she also tried ReCell, in which her own skin cells are used to help get rid of unsightly stretch marks. Abou testing this plastic surgery procedure, Anna said,

It’s ­successful in the NHS for treating burns and scars. Now, it’s just been launched in the cosmetic world. They took a postage-stamp size of skin and it hurt like hell. I saw no ­difference and I’ve been left with a bad scar. I was ­annoyed, I felt duped.

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