Anthony Anderson’s Weight Loss: Did the Actor Have Surgery? What Happened to Him? Why is He So Skinny? Is He Sick? Look at His Before and After Pictures!


Anthony Anderson's Weight Loss: Did the Actor Have Surgery? What Happened to Him? Why is He So Skinny? Is He Sick? Look at His Before and After Pictures!

Did Anthony Anderson have weight loss surgery? Why is he so skinny? What happened to him? Is he sick? Does he have some kind of illness? If yes, what disease does he have? These are the questions people have been asking, following the actor’s appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Anthony Anderson looked very thin than before which made his fans concerned about his health. Many of them thought his medication for Type 2 diabetes caused him to lose weight. They wondered what his diet and workout routine was. While some people wondered if he had had weight loss surgery.

Anthony Anderson is an American actor, comedian, and game show host who is mostly recognized for his leading roles in comedy series such as Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson on Black-ish, drama series such as Marlin Boulet on K-Ville, and as NYPD Detective Kevin Bernard on the NBC crime drama Law & Order and comedy sitcom television series Guys with Kids. He also starred in major roles in feature films such as Me, Myself & Irene, Kangaroo Jack, Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London, The Departed, Transformers, and Scream 4.

He recently did Netflix’s You People. As he started making public appearances to promote the movie, people noticed that he had drastically lost weight which many thought was due to weight loss surgery. Others assumed that it was some kind of illness or disease. Sure enough, he has Type 2 diabetes. Let’s learn more about Anthony Anderson’s weight loss and health!

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Anthony Anderson’s Weight Loss Surgery: What’s Wrong with Him? Does He Have any Illness? What Disease Does He Have? Look at His Recent Pictures!

Anthony Anderson (@anthonyanderson) left everyone gobsmacked after his recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show with his weight loss. He looked so much thinner than he did before, which got a lot of fans concerned for his health. Many of them thought that it might be some kind of illness and wondered if he had any disease. They simply couldn’t fathom why is he so skinny. They even theorized that he might have undergone weight loss surgery.

Anthony Anderson has never spoken about having weight loss surgery but he sure has talked about his disease or illness. He has often talked about his Type 2 diabetes and he did on The Kelly Clarkson Show as well. He discussed his health issues extensively but the takeaway from the whole episode for the fans was how he looked so skinny and how he lost all that weight.

They became concerned about his health because they had not expected him to lose so much weight. They were worried and wondered whether some sickness or disease had anything to do with his weight loss. Some of them knew that he had Type 2 diabetes and thought that his medication had caused him to drastically lose weight. They hoped it was the reason and it was not something serious. Because that kind of a drastic change, in case it was not medication could only be due to weight loss surgery.

If you were wondering what’s wrong with Anthony Anderson, then let me remind you that he has some health problems. Remember when he said that he had struggled to get his blood sugar under control after he was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes? His recent weight loss might have something to do with that. He could have slimmed down to stay healthy and help with diabetes control. Just because it looks drastic does not mean it has to be surgery.

Also, it might not be drastic. Maybe, to those people, who have seen him after a long time. Because Anthony Anderson is always on his weight loss journey. The process of him making efforts to lose weight has been going on since he first embarked on the journey. Just about two years ago, he joined the ‘Big Willie’ challenge wherein the men needed to show how much weight they had lost after a 12-week fitness journey.

Anthony Anderson weighed 223 pounds at the time before he got started on his weight loss. In the twelve weeks that followed, he did boxing, sit-ups, weight-lifting, planking, and much more. Bending the rules, he even got a personal trainer to help him in his fitness regime. And just in three weeks, he lost 8 pounds and got down to 218. He said that he planned on getting down to 200. At the end of twelve weeks, maybe he did. If he did not then, he certainly did recently and possibly in the same way that has nothing to do with surgery.

Anthony Anderson was very enthusiastic about the weight loss challenge just like about seven years before that. In 2014 as well, the actor embarked on a journey to lose weight. He had never had any problems with his size, not even at this heaviest at 270 pounds. He had always been confident at all weights and being overweight was not an issue for him. But still, he decided to make some changes in his lifestyle after he got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He did not get surgery immediately, but he started out slow.

Anthony Anderson started eating healthier and the same stuff that he’d been eating all his life, he ate in moderation. He got more serious about his health and appearance which led him to make healthier choices. He said that he started eating only a plant-based diet. He became vegan-ish. (He was not going to send butter on cream back into the kitchen if he found them on his plate.) And he added fish to his diet. He also cut out alcohol.  He also began exercising a lot. He lost 47 pounds like that.

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