Anthony LaPaglia’s Weight Gain: Did The Actor Gain Weight?


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Anthony LaPaglia's Weight Gain: Did The Actor Gain Weight?

Anthony LaPaglia sparked weight gain speculations about him with his recent public appearance at the screening of his new show Florida Man. Fans think that the actor looked bulkier than usual at the event and suspected that he had put on weight. However, the truth is that Anthony LaPaglia has not had any recent weight gain and has been looking like that for quite a while now.

Anthony LaPaglia nailed his role as Jack Malone in the television drama Without a Trace. His performance in the drama was so impactful that now you can’t just talk about him and not bring up that performance. It was everybody who cheered the loudest for him when he won the Golden Globe Award in 2004 for his acting in the movie. That role established him as one of the most brilliant actors in the industry.

Besides being remembered for his role as Jack Malone, people also think of Simon Moon from the television sitcom Frasier when they talk about him. Some of his other movie credits are Betsy’s Wedding, Empire Records, Autumn in New York, Lantana, Balibo, Holding the Man, Annabelle: Creation, and Nitram. He even earned the AACTA Award for the latter.

Anyway, his new show Florida Man recently premiered on Netflix and he’s been making public appearances to promote the movie. His recent appearance has resulted in weight gain speculations about him. Fans think that he has gotten bulkier than before even though he has looked the same for quite a while now. Let’s talk about Anthony LaPaglia’s weight gain!

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Anthony LaPaglia’s Weight Gain: Fans Think The Florida Man Actor Looks Bigger Than Before!

Did Anthony LaPaglia (@therealanthonylapaglia) undergo weight gain? Fans wonder after he made an appearance at a screening event of the Netflix show Florida Man in Los Angeles. They thought he looked bulkier than usual and suspected that he put on weight recently.

Fans think Anthony LaPaglia appears to have had a weight gain. Fans think Anthony LaPaglia appears to have had a weight gain.
Image Source: Deadline 

Anthony LaPaglia is out and about again. It seems like we are seeing him on the screen after a long time. We haven’t heard from him since he starred in Nitram and it has been two years since then. So, this – timing of his reappearance, his return to acting – might be one of the reasons why people think he had weight gain. Because they forgot how he looked like two years back, they forgot what he ‘usually’ looks like and now perceive him to be bigger.

If you look at his older pictures and compare them to more recent ones, you will find that Anthony LaPaglia didn’t look much different at the screening of his new show Florida Man. As he posed for photos on the red carpet, anyone could tell he looked big but that’s not the result of weight gain and he always looked like that, or at least, he’s been looking like that for some years.

In a black zip-up hoodie with a matching blazer, black pants, and monochrome sneakers he wore to the screening of his show in which he plays the eponymous protagonist’s father Sonny Valentine, Anthony LaPaglia appeared to be huge which might have prompted the weight gain speculations. However, there’s not much to be said about him gaining weight as he hasn’t. The fact is that he has been that size for quite a while now.

Remember how the actor looked in Nitram which is the last movie he did? Yeah, that should shut you up about Anthony LaPaglia’s weight gain because he hasn’t had any. In fact, he looked much bigger in Nitram than he does now. So, if anything, he has lost weight, not the other way around. Either way, the point is that he has not gained weight. He’s just been sporting a fuller figure since like 2015.

Anthony LaPaglia has been bulky for quite a while now. Anthony LaPaglia has been bulky for quite a while now.
Image Source: The Guardian

Anthony LaPaglia’s Early Life!

Anthony LaPaglia was born to Maria Johannes, a secretary and model, and Gedio ‘Eddie’ LaPaglia, an auto mechanic and car dealer in Adelaide, South Australia. He went to Rostrevor College and Norwood High School. He was interested in acting since he was a child. He first began his venture into dramatic art when he was in his late teens. He enrolled in an acting course at the South Australian Castings Agency (SA Castings) in Adelaide.

It was a two-and-half-year course that was to be supplemented with a further three months which would have included a “boot camp” and trial listing with SA Castings. But he discontinued the course and left after just one-and-a-half years of the course. Because he wanted to learn acting and get deeper into it, he tried to get into the prestigious Sydney drama school NIDA but was rejected. So, he moved to the US to study acting. And that’s how it all began.