Ariana Madix’s Weight Gain: Does The Vanderpump Rules Star Look Different Because She Gained Weight?


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Ariana Madix's Weight Gain: Does The Vanderpump Rules Star Look Different Because She Gained Weight?

Ariana Madix has undergone a weight gain of about 20 pounds since she joined the cast of the Bravo reality series Vanderpump Rules in 2013. The reality star had a full-blown eating disorder when she started out which is why she was always conscious of her weight gain. Now, Ariana Madix is on a slimming quest to get a slim face like she always wanted and she is also trying to fight the disorder to be healthy.

Ariana Madix is an American television personality who you might recognize from her appearance on the Bravo reality series Vanderpump Rules. She joined the show in 2013 shortly after she started working at Lisa Vanderpump‘s restaurants SUR and Villa Blanca. She is also an actress, model, and author.

The reality star hasn’t been having the greatest time since she joined the Bravo series because of how much attention she garnered from the viewers and how all of that translated to fixation over her looks and weight. She had always been a bit too self-conscious about her weight gain because she had an eating disorder when she started out. So, she didn’t like how followers always kept reminding her that she looked different and that she had gained weight on social media. Let’s learn more about Ariana Madix’s weight gain!

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Ariana Madix’s Weight Gain: The Reality Star Has Gained About 20 Pounds Since She Joined Vanderpump Rules!

Ariana Madix (@arianamadix) has undergone a weight gain of about 20 pounds since she joined Vanderpump Rules in 2013. She revealed this when she noticed a lot of viewers speculating about the change in her physical appearance and addressed those speculations.

In 2019, Ariana Madix talked about the people’s fixation on her looks and their speculation about her face changing and their analysis of what she might have done to her face and became candid about how all of that affected her. She revealed that she didn’t like it when her followers tell her that she doesn’t look like herself or that she looks different ‘every single time she posts any picture.’ She had always been too self-conscious about her weight gain to be feeling comfortable when people wrote that she looked different.

I’ve experienced over the years I think every single time I post any picture, I’m always told I don’t look like myself or I look different. But if I look different in every photo, then what do you guys think I look like?

One time, Ariana Madix couldn’t keep quiet anymore and ignore it when a fan asked if she had something done to her face because she looked so different. While she just responded with a simple “no,” she further went on to reveal that she had weight gain and she also explained why people shouldn’t be asking her questions like that because they were unnecessary. To be honest, Vanderpump Rules provides people with enough drama, why not just talk about it? Why fixate on the cast’s looks?

I don’t think it needs attention but I’ve gained over 20 pounds since I started the show the first season and I’m constantly being told that I got filler in my cheeks and I’m very self-conscious about having like a chubby face and I’ve always wanted an angular jawline and an angular cheekbone so when people say that, I don’t think you guys realize how rude you’re being. You’re literally pointing out the weight that I’ve gained in my face and it’s kind of upsetting. But at the same time, they’ve been saying that since day one and what are you going to do?

Because Ariana Madix was super conscious about her weight gain and how it made her look so chubby in the face, she went on a journey to lose weight. Her slimming quest even worked out but it must not have been enough for her because she went on to use the filter called Skinny Face which she thought was just the filter for her. But that filter made her look terrifying like the “haggard food critic from Ratatouille.” While she talked about that filter in Instagram stories in 2020, she also wrote a bit about her weight gain.

So, I’ve talked before about how I want a skinny face. I’ve gained like 20, 25 pounds since starting Vanderpump Rules. Working on getting a little bit fitter. But I found this filter called Skinny Face, and I got really excited about it.Now, I look like the [haggard] food critic from Ratatouille. What is going on? There’s like — what is that? It’s terrifying.

Besides, the self-consciousness about Ariana Madix’s weight gain might not be leaving her anytime soon because it really seems deeply ingrained in her. I mean, she had a full-blown eating disorder when she joined the Bravo series. The fact that she always ate as less as possible and went by the mantra of, ‘Just don’t eat, just don’t eat’ and yet gained weight gain must have been troubling for her. Ariana Madix recently said that she would fight against it to be healthy.

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