Ashlee Simpson’s Nose Job: How Did Plastic Surgery Impact Her Career? What Do Reddit Users Think About It?


Ashlee Simpson's Nose Job: How Did Plastic Surgery Impact Her Career? What Do Reddit Users Think About It?

Ashlee Simpson got a nose job in 2006 and was given hell for it like she committed a crime. It was so bizarre that it’s still discussed, especially on Reddit. The singer had a very prominent nose that protruded and had a big bump on it and she got it altered to remove the bump and to make it straight. Ashlee Simpson’s nose job was then treated like it was a transgression at a national level.

Ashlee Simpson, following her sister Jessica Simpson‘s career path, entered the music scene in 2004. She had already gotten started in acting, had worked as a backup dancer for her sister, appeared in her reality show, and gotten her own spinoff by then which made her the center of considerable media attention. This encouraged her to pursue a career in music. It was going well at the beginning. Her debut single Pieces of Me became a top-five hit in the USA and topped the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart based on radio airplay.

Her debut album Autobiography made it to the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart. It sold over five million copies worldwide. Ashlee Simpson’s second album I Am Me debuted atop the chart as well but that was the last one of hers to do so. Her third album Bittersweet World, released in 2008, though received positive reception, saw a decline in sales, and her fourth one, she had to scrap it as the single she released for it Bat for a Heart flopped miserably.  And that was the end of her music career.

It’s sad that her career had to die down this way just because she got a nose job. People didn’t react positively when she chose to alter her nose in 2006 and that impacted her music and her career went downhill after that. She was not even given a chance after she got rhinoplasty as if it was a crime. Find out more about how Ashlee Simpson’s nose job created such a ruckus over nothing!

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Ashlee Simpson’s Nose Job: The Singer Just Got the Bump in Her Nose Removed!

Ashlee Simpson (@ashleesimpsonross) has a very lackluster career in music unfortunately and that might be because of the faux pas she committed, one being the infamous lip-syncing during the SNL performance in 2004 and the other being the nose job in 2006. These blunders proved very expensive for her as one of them cost her career and the other one her peace of mind.

It was in 2006 when Ashlee Simpson just hopped onto the cover of Marie Claire magazine. Maybe it would have made no difference if she had avoided preaching about loving herself despite not being perfect. She knew that she was imperfect so, she shouldn’t have talked about it. She should not have given any interviews talking about beauty after she had that nose job.

But she did and that took her peace away. After Ashlee Simpson was spotted with a new nose, her fans kind of rioted because her comments about beauty were not authentic. Everyone is made differently, and that’s what makes us beautiful and unique, she had said. Then, why had she chosen to trade the nose given to her for a generic Hollywood nose? Why did she have a nose job? This still sparks a discussion today and there are several threads on Reddit to talk about her nose job now.

One of the most prominent features on Ashlee Simpson’s face was her big nose. Her nose protruded outside and had a big visible bump that made it look crooked. Did not look conventional but sure, made her unique. But she went and got a nose job which made her no longer unique. Why did she preach about celebrating uniqueness as beauty when she wanted nothing but the conventional?

As soon as that issue of Marie Claire hit the newsstands, hundreds of letters were sent to Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Chief at the time, in protest of her nose job, in protest of her new straight and bumpless nose. It’s hilarious how seriously they took Ashlee Simpson’s nose job because of some generic comments she made about celebrating one’s uniqueness as beauty because it was so unreal. But it was happening for real, so it was scary too. It can’t be easy having people try to discredit you for doing something for yourself. Many Reddit users agree but back then, it was mob mentality and the target was Ashlee.

Having a nose job is not a crime. Even though it might have not been in line with what they said they believed in, they are free to do as they liked. Making that big of a fuss out of plastic surgery was so going overboard and it could be overexaggerated reaction that you could see in comedies. But it was a tragedy because it was so real. If they had given half as much sh*t about her music as they did about her career, she would have a music career right now.

But, no, her nose job was treated as if it was a transgression at a national level. Not even Coles gave her the benefit of the doubt. She made sure to note that she was also dazed, confused, and disappointed by Ashlee Simpson’s choice of getting the bump removed from her nose. All this vitriol for what she did made her hesitant to talk about it openly and for quite a lot of time, she skirted around any questions regarding her changed appearance. Many people on Reddit empathize with her about the whole thing.

Even though everyone was talking about her nose job like it was their noses, Ashlee Simpson pretended that they were just speculating and would confirm or deny the plastic surgery even if she was straight-up asked about it.  She always put it off by giggling about it. Like any 21-year-old. She was 21 when she was crucified for choosing to alter her nose. She would just be like, “Maybe, who knows.”

It was only after some time that the Pieces of Me singer felt the courage to defend herself from all people who criticized her for getting a nose job. In May 2007, in an interview, she made it clear that she altered her nose for herself. She said that going under the knife was a personal choice and she chose to change her nose for herself, not for anyone else. Ashlee Simpson also stressed that she was never insecure about anything.

I’m a happy person, and I’m happy with my looks. I loved how I looked. I’m not an insecure person, nor was I before.

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