Ashley Jensen’s Inspirational Weight Loss Journey!


Ashley Jensen’s Inspirational Weight Loss Journey! – Over the years, Ashley Jensen has motivated many people with her weight loss journey. She previously lost 2.5 pounds for her role in Ugly Betty following a nutritious diet.

Ashley Jensen is a 54-year-old Scottish actress and narrator best known for her roles as Maggie Jacobs in Extras (for which she received an Emmy nomination), Christina McKinney in Ugly Betty, Agatha Raisin in Agatha Raisin, and DI Ruth Calder in Shetland. However, she has recently been in a hot debate due to her weight loss journey. So, if you’re curious to know is details about her transformation, here is everything you need to know.

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Ashley Jensen’s Drastic Weight Loss Journey Has Motivated Many Admires!

When you compare photos of Ashley Jensen‘s before and after weight loss journey, you won’t recognize the same girl. From her first public appearance to her most current Instagram shots, she has changed a lot. The transformation in her physical appearance has been dramatic.

While her fascinating ability drew people in, few noticed she was losing weight. We can’t tell what kind of weight loss it is because most people are presumably overweight, but we can’t be sure because this isn’t easily determined. But it looks like has shed a significant amount of weight when compared to before.

Ashley Jensen's latest appearance after weight loss. houseandwhips.comAshley Jensen’s latest appearance after weight loss.
Image Source: Radio Times

If you’re not aware, Ashley Jensen previously disclosed that she lost 2.5 stone for her role on Ugly Betty. in 2006. Later, the Mirror said that the actress shed 35 pounds while she was in America. During that time, her first important role on American television came in.

Ashley seemed to have been well-prepared before leaving her own country. Her weight loss was crucial in her landing the job since some reports claim her choice was for Americans. When she met the show’s producers, they liked her and her accent right away. The character’s nationality was later modified, which is how she earned the job on Ugly Betty.

Likely, Ashley Jensen also revealed that she became a vegetarian before moving to Los Angeles. To be more specific, she became a pescatarian and kept a close eye on her food during her time in America. But her decision to stop eating meat helped her lose weight, due to her mother, who motivated her to become a vegetarian.

As we can see, she has now undergone significant weight loss, and her new change in diet has really helped her keep it off while she was visiting Los Angeles. When she returned to her hometown, she admitted that she had resumed eating meat. Despite returning to eating meat, the actress has maintained her toned body.

Ashley Jensen Married Kenny Doughty in Secret After Keeping Their Relationship Status Hidden for Six Years!

On August 9, Ashley Jensen married her long-term boyfriend in a covert wedding ceremony six years after the terrible death of her former husband. The Shetland actress, who made her BBC One debut as DI Ruth Calder earlier this month, married Kenny Doughty (@kennydoughty)  in an intimate wedding attended by close friends and family.

The pair is said to have married at Priston Mill, a beautiful mansion in the Duchy of Cornwall’s Newton Park Estate. The beautiful location has a dream-like atmosphere due to renovated ancient buildings and a mesmerizing operating Watermill, making it one of the most memorable wedding venues in Bath and North East Somerset.

Ashley Jensen and Kenny Doughty got married on 9 August 2023. houseandwhips.comAshley Jensen and Kenny Doughty got married on 9 August 2023.
Image Source: Hello! Magazine

While neither Kenny nor Ashley has publicly discussed their relationship or how they met, rumors about their romance began to circulate after they were caught holding hands in Bath in August 2021. They were also photographed together earlier this year at the Radio Times Covers Party, while Ashley was seen wearing a ring on her left hand during an appearance on the Graham Norton Show.

Perhaps Ashley and Kenny first came into contact while filming the 2017 BBC One drama, Love, Lies, and Records. In terms of keeping their romance – and marriage – hidden, both performers had previous marriages. As we know, Ashley married fellow actor Terrence Beesley in 2007 and welcomed their son, Francis, in 2009.

However, Terrence tragically committed suicide in 2017, leaving Ashley “shocked” and “unable to forget it,” she told the Avon Coroner‘s Court in 2018. She said, “Terry and I had been together for 18 years but I had no idea he was capable of what he did.” Furthermore, Kenny was married to actress, Caroline Carver, from 2006 to 2017.