Is Ashley Judd Pregnant? The Actress’ Health Today With Update on Puffy Face!


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Is Ashley Judd Pregnant? The Actress’ Health Today With Update on Puffy Face!

Ashley Judd is speculated to be pregnant as a result of the recent weight gain and puffy face observations. People are also concerned about her health today (with rumors of her illness) and believe she may have some health problems. Is the actress sick? Addressing all these issues, Ashley Judd has not confirmed herself to be pregnant but she gave her current health and sickness update a few months back.

So Ashley Judd, a popular American actress who is also noted for her philanthropy and activism is currently all over the internet after her latest public appearance, which was when she attended a memorial service that was held in honor of her recently deceased mother, the country legend Naomi Judd, an event that aired on CMT.

To honor her late mother, the American star shared a few words in tribute to her mother with the crowd gathered at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, during which it seems that people didn’t take notice of her words, but instead, her appearance and how her face looked swollen because sure enough, most of them are asking did Ashley Judd gain weight. This subsequently led to questions like is she pregnant and concerns about her health.

Ashley Judd: Is She Pregnant? Is She Married? Check Out The Details of Her Husband!

Ashley Judd‘s (@ashley_judd) weight gain speculations on the internet are virtually inescapable currently. But not only are those rumors hard to escape from, but they are not by themself as they have spawned other whispers that are related to her life.

Like so, Ashley Judd had a weight gain, is it because she is pregnant, is Ashley Judd pregnant again, that reminds me to ask is she married, if she is pregnant, then surely she must have married someone already, who is her husband, and does she have children she had before this.

To answer those questions one-by-one, if you are speculating pregnancy based on the weight gain observations, then you might want to know that those rumors of her gaining weight are largely because her face looked swollen and bloated, which happened as a side effect of medication in the form of Botox she’s been taking to battle siege migraines.

So, that cannot be a reason to assume or speculate about pregnancy. Anyway, even if she was, as she once told when asked about pregnancy rumors in the past, even if she was trying, she wouldn’t tell anyone. So, don’t be expecting her to come out with an announcement that she is pregnant anytime soon.

And she had been pregnant once which was unfortunate and tragic because she is a three-time rape survivor and one of the times she was raped, she had conceived. So, she had opted for an abortion.

About Ashley Judd’s children, no, she does not have any, and given her views, it is likely that she won’t have any ever. She has revealed in the past that she is an antinatalist. The actress shocked everyone with her firm stance on such a rigid issue in her 2011 memoir All That Is Bitter and Sweet. In the book, she revealed that she had known since she was 18 that she didn’t want any children.

She further explained that she has chosen not to have children because she believed that the children that are already existing are hers as well, so she didn’t feel the need to make her own babies as she felt it was selfish to pour resources into that when there are so many other abandoned children who need love and really could use those resources.

As Ashley Judd put it into words,

It’s unconscionable to breed, with the number of children who are starving to death in impoverished countries. I know it’s a strong opinion a lot of people won’t agree with and that’s not to say someday I might not feel a different impulse.

Now, about her marital status and husband, has she ever been married? She is not married currently, but she used to be married to her husband, now ex-husband Dario Franchitti. She met the Scottish racing driver in December 1999 when he was competing in CART. They got married two years later in December 2001 in Skibo Castle in Scotland.

She got married to Scottish racing driver Dario Franchitti, who was competing in CART, in December 1999. In December 2001, they married in Skibo Castle in Scotland. They ended their marital relationship in 2013 on amicable terms. Currently, she is linked with Martin Surbeck who has been spotted with her several times attending Red Sox Games together.

Ashley Judd’s Health Today: The Actress’ Health Problems and Updates on Puffy Face!

Now it looks like the public is concerned about Ashley Judd‘s health after seeing her at the memorial service for her late mother. Because many people have observed that her face looked puffier-than-usual which does not have a healthy look about it.

So, to those worried about her health, she does suffer from siege migraines but she is combatting it by receiving Botox injections, which have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for chronic migraine headaches. The side effect of the medications is ‘unfun weight gain.’

Also, Ashley Judd once suffered a potentially life-threatening health and medical emergency when she shattered her right leg which she broke in four places and injured her nerves while tripping over a tree in the Congolese rainforest. Up until nine months ago, as per the health update she gave, she had begun to walk again after extensive surgery and months of physical therapy.

In fact, she was hiking through Swiss National Park in the video she posted. She wrote that her leg and foot worked beautifully and that she walked uphill on uneven surfaces for an hour confidently and came down carefully and easily, which can be taken to mean that she has had a complete recovery.

In light of the recent events (her mother passed away), Ashley Judd has been pretty vocal about mental health and encouraged people to seek help for it. As a daughter who had recently lost her mother to a disease of mental illness, she wants to make conversations about mental health and its’ importance so people don’t lose their loved ones to those. She also encouraged people to reach out to The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 if they were having thoughts of harming themselves in any way.

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