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On June 24, 2022 By Harvey

Behind The Candelabra Plastic Surgery Scene: Scott Thorson's Surgery To Look Like Liberace!

Behind The Candelabra plastic surgery scene still disarms people even on their rewatch. Giving an insight into the undefined and...
On June 23, 2022 By Harvey

John Kruk's Weight Loss: Did The MLB Star Lose Weight In 2022 After Gallbladder Surgery?

John Kruk's weight loss is something fans have always been curious about. Some people believe he has gained weight after...
On June 21, 2022 By Harvey

Sean Rigby's Weight Loss: Did Sergeant Jim Strange From Endeavour Lose Weight Due To Illness?

Sean Rigby's weight loss is currently the discussion among the fans of Endeavour. Sergeant Jim Strange from the British detective...
On June 19, 2022 By Harvey

Gabimfmoura's Plastic Surgery: Or Is It Workout Routine of The Social Media Influencer?

Gabimfmoura, the Brazilian TikTok star and social media influencer whose real name is Gabriela Moura has lately sparked curiosity among...
On June 18, 2022 By Harvey

Jennifer Aniston's Plastic Surgery Now: The FRIENDS Star Just Revealed the Secrets to Her Timeless Beauty!

Jennifer Aniston's plastic surgery allegedly includes Rhinoplasty, namely Septoplasty, Botox & fillers, as well as unconfirmed breast augmentation. Despite her...
On June 17, 2022 By Harvey

Vanessa Hudgens' Plastic Surgery: From a Young Disney Star to a Fashion Icon, Here’s How Vanessa Hudgens’s Face Changed!

Vanessa Hudgens' plastic surgery in 2022 reportedly includes rhinoplasty, facelift, and boob job, among others. Besides her face, many fans...
On June 16, 2022 By Harvey

Nicole Kidman's Plastic Surgery: The Northman Star Doesn't Look Her Age; Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Nicole Kidman's appearance in The Northman has sparked the plastic surgery speculations once again because she doesn't look her age...
On June 14, 2022 By Harvey

Did Madonna Gain Weight? Complete Breakdown of Queen of Pop's Transformation!

The 63-year-old singer Madonna has apparently gained a lot of weight. The queen of pop's biopic is on the way,...
On June 13, 2022 By Harvey

Mary Magdalene Before Plastic Surgery: From Admirer to Addict; Her Plastic Surgery Story!

From a plastic surgery admirer to a plastic surgery addict who went way too far to even get a vagina...
On June 12, 2022 By Harvey

Donna Mills’ Plastic Surgery: Before and After Changes Examined!

Donna Mills is said to have had plastic surgery because she doesn't appear to be as old as other women...
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