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On September 24, 2022 By Sharon

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Husband and Kids: Who is Brian Hallisay? How Many Children Do The Couple Have?

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been married to her husband Brian Hallisay since 2013 and the couple shares three kids together....
On September 23, 2022 By Sharon

Why Did Jeffrey Dahmer Get Kicked Out of the Army? How Long Did The Serial Killer Serve in the Military?

Why did Jeffrey Dahmer get kicked out of the army? People have now started to wonder about this after they...
On September 22, 2022 By Sharon

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Hernia Surgery: What Caused His Violent and Cannibalistic Tendencies?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s hernia surgery is what triggered his violent and cannibalistic tendencies according to his father Lionel. Lionel, though he...
On September 20, 2022 By Sharon

Reba McEntire’s Plastic Surgery: Did The Country Superstar Have Botox, Fillers, Facelift, and Breast Augmentation? Look at the Before and After Pictures!

Reba McEntire supposedly had plastic surgery including Botox, fillers, facelift, and breast augmentation which people believe is responsible for her...
On September 18, 2022 By Sharon

Jeff Saturday’s Weight Loss: How Did The Super Bowl Champion Lose 50 Pounds After Retiring? Check Out His Diet and Exercises!

Jeff Saturday had a weight loss of 50 pounds following his retirement from football in the 2012 season. The six-time...
On September 17, 2022 By Sharon

Leah Messer’s Weight Gain: Pregnancy Rumors Explained!

Recently, Teen Mom star Leah Messer received allegations of pregnancy due to her current weight gain, where she seems to...
On September 15, 2022 By Sharon

Michelle Obama’s Weight Gain: Did the Former First Lady of America Gain Weight? Check Out her Workout Routines!

Michelle Obama was recently speculated to have undergone a weight gain. But that speculated weight gain looks so negligible it...
On September 14, 2022 By Sharon

Bianca Lawson’s Weight Gain: Is the Darla Actress Pregnant in Real Life? Does She Have a Baby? Queen Sugar Update!

Bianca Lawson’s Queen Sugar recently premiered on OWN where she has been highlighted for her weight gain. She confirmed that...
On September 12, 2022 By Sharon

Tessa Thompson Boyfriend/Husband 2022: Who Is the Bisexual Actress Dating Now? Split From Janelle Monae & Rumors of Married Relationship Explained!

Tessa Thompson hasn’t revealed the specifics of her romantic relationship with any boyfriend as of 2022. The bisexual actress doesn’t...
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