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On July 10, 2022 By Urban

Scott Stallings’s Weight Loss: How Did the Golfer Lose Weight? Then and Now Pictures Evaluated & Workout Revealed!

Scott Stallings's weight loss of 55 pounds has been a hot topic on the internet since the John Deere Classic...
On July 9, 2022 By Urban

Rihanna's Weight Gain 2022: Is She Still Gaining Weight After Giving Birth to Her Baby?

Rihanna has gained weight steadily over the last year and after she was quarantined in her mansion due to the...
On July 7, 2022 By Urban

Seo Ye Ji's Plastic Surgery: Is Seo Ye Ji a Natural Beauty or Just Another Work of Blades & Injections?

A beauty icon of K-drama, Seo Ye Ji is currently the center of attraction with her latest drama Eve, and...
On July 6, 2022 By Urban

Michael Jackson's Plastic Surgery Evolution: How Many Plastic Surgeries Did Michael Have?

Michael Jackson's plastic surgery evolution over the years had seen him get a nose job, lip fillers, skin lightening procedure,...
On July 5, 2022 By Urban

Twomad’s Weight Loss: A Quick Glance at the YouTuber’s Transformation!

Recently, YouTuber Twomad gained fame for his incredible weight loss journey, which has landed him in the spotlight as a...
On July 4, 2022 By Urban

Rocco Dispirito's Weight Gain: Fans Ask When Did Rocco Get Fat?

Rocco Dispirito's sudden weight gain has bamboozled fans as they wonder 'when did Rocco get fat?' Does he have an...
On July 2, 2022 By Urban

Kesha’s Plastic Surgery: Before and After Transformation Explored!

The Grammy-nominated pop star Kesha may have had many plastic surgery procedures and the viewers are comparing her before and...
On July 1, 2022 By Urban

Suzette Snider’s Plastic Surgery: Has Dee Snider’s Wife Undergone Any Cosmetic Enhancement?

Suzette Snider has recently been accused of undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures. The 61-year-old star still looks like she's in...
On July 1, 2022 By Urban

Vitality Zero Weight Loss Pills: Reviews Say It's Safe and Effective To Use!

Vitality Zero Weight Loss Pill is a brand of keto diet pills that is growing steadily in the market. As...
On June 29, 2022 By Urban

Serena Williams' Weight Gain: The Tennis Player's Body Transformation Throughout The Years!

Serena Williams' weight gain is something fans have become curious about after her recent loss in the first round of...
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