Ayesha Curry’s Weight Gain: Did the Ayesha’s Home Kitchen Host Put on Some Weight?


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Ayesha Curry's Weight Gain: Did the Ayesha’s Home Kitchen Host Put on Some Weight?

Ayesha Curry’s weight gain is currently a trending topic on the internet. The 33-year-old Canadian-American actress, Ayesha Curry’s husband, Stephen Curry, and the Golden State Warriors recently won the NBA Finals. After the championship, Ayesha, who is teaming up with Fitbit, came into the spotlight and there are speculations that she has put on a little weight. Well, here’s everything we have on Ayesha Curry’s weight gain in 2022!

Ayesha Disa Curry (born on March 23, 1989) is a Canadian-American multitalented woman; she is an actress, cookbook author, and cookery television personality and the wife of basketball player Stephen Curry. After appearing in a number of TV series and films as a guest, she started presenting her own program, Ayesha’s Homemade (also known as Ayesha’s Home Kitchen), on the Food Network.

Ayesha’s culinary career began in 2014 when she made her first meal as a YouTube demonstration on her channel Little Lights of Mine, despite not having any formal experience as a chef. Curry has created multiple videos for her YouTube account Little Lights of Mine and one cookbook, The Seasoned Life, which was released in 2016.

Since Ayesha Curry was seen taking part in the celebration of her husband, Stephen Curry’s victory, there have been speculations floating about that Ayesha Curry had put on a little weight. How much of this is therefore accurate? Let’s find out the truth behind Ayesha’s weight gain!

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Ayesha Curry’s Weight Gain: Ayesha’s Homemade Host’s Diet and Workout Routine!

Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry), a well-known Canadian actress, is a multi-talented woman. She is an author, TV personality, and entrepreneur in addition to being an actress. There are many new rumors and articles which say that the actress has gained a little weight and some of our fans also think that she has gained weight but the statement about Ayesha’s weight gain is totally false.

In 2022, Ayesha Curry does not appear to have acquired much weight, hence the speculation about weight gain is false. In fact, the actress made waves around the internet after losing over 16 kg during the quarantine. While others were gaining weight sitting at home, she was busy trying different diets and activities to reduce some pounds.

Ayesha has a lot of fans and it’s clear that she likes to take care of her health and body weight. She regularly posts pictures of working out on her Instagram stories. But not only work out but it seems that she also takes good care of what food she eats, maybe because she is too cautious of weight gain. After working out for lunch she eats a salad (arugula or spinach) with a seared protein on the side, such as shrimp, salmon, or tuna. The 33-year-old actress also said,

I love a good poppyseed dressing on my salad, a few red onions in there, a dash of salt and pepper, alongside some sort of chocolate protein shake.

Some people thought that she had gained a little weight because of her rumored pregnancy, however, the rumor about the weight gain was a false rumor. Her recent tweet about her husband earning MVP and his team in the NBA finals this year all contributed to the suspicions of her pregnancy. Curry has given birth to their children whenever her husband and his team have won the finals in the past. When Steph won the NBA finals in 2015 and 2018, she gave birth to her two children.

Fitbit is teaming up with Ayesha Curry for an Exciting New Series on Fitbit Premium. Fitbit is a consumer electronics and fitness brand based in the United States. It manufactures wireless-enabled wearable technologies, physical fitness monitors, and activity trackers such as smartwatches, pedometers, and monitors for heart rate, sleep quality, and stairs climbed, as well as related software.

It’s clear that Ayesha takes good care of her health and fitness. She’s one of the most good-looking celebrities of the current time but the rumors regarding her pregnancy and weight gain are both fakes.

Ayesha Curry’s Husband, Stephen Curry Received the MVP Award for the First Time

Stephen Curry (@stephencurry30), Ayesha Curry‘s husband, is now the 10th player in NBA history to have 200 or more assists in an NBA Finals game.

In Game 6 of the series at TD Garden on June 16, 2022, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics 103-90 to win the NBA Finals for the fourth time in the last eight years.

The Warriors finally grabbed control of the game after initially trailing 14-2, going on a 30-8 run from the conclusion of the first quarter to the start of the second.

While Stephen Curry and the Warriors were not going to let another championship slip away from them, the Celtics were able to reduce the deficit to single digits in the fourth quarter. However, the Warriors seemed to have an answer for every push Boston made down the line.

Curry contributed a team-high 34 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists to the victory that ended the series, adding yet another chapter to an already storied career. Following Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Curry received the MVP award for the first time.

Given that this is Stephen’s fourth championship in the past eight seasons, he finished with 34 points overall and averaged 31.2 points per game in this historic series for him.

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