Bayley’s Weight Gain: The WWE Superstar Then and Now!

Derick Scholz

Bayley has clearly had a weight gain in the recent years.

Bayley appears to have gone through a slight weight gain in the recent years. Looking at the pictures of the WWE superstar then and now, it’s noticeable that she looks fatter than before. But it’s nothing drastic. She was always super curvy except now, she’s rounder and less toned than before. People started noticing Bayley’s weight gain after she suffered a torn UCL.

Bayley, whose real name is Pamela Rose Martinez, used to wrestle under the ring name Davina Rose on the independent circuit before she signed with WWE in 2012 and got assigned to the NXT brand. Not long after, she would reign the realm of wrestling. She won the NXT Women’s Championship in 2015 and also, the NXT Year-End Awards for Female Competitor of the Year and Match of the Year for her confrontation with Sasha Banks at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

Bayley also became the first women’s Triple Crown Champion and Grand Slam winner in WWE history after winning the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship, and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. She is really one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time who has achieved a lot in very less time. But unfortunately, her achievements have not kept her from being body-shamed. It’s sad to see people troll her for her weight gain even now!

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Has Bayley Had Weight Gain? Has She Gotten Fat?

Bayley (@itsmebayley) has noticeably undergone a weight gain since she signed with WWE. Exactly how much weight she has gained, we cannot tell because she has never revealed it but we can tell that she has put on some extra pounds.

Bayley has had a noticeable weight gain in the last few years. houseandwhips.comBayley has had a noticeable weight gain in the last few years.
Image Source: Digital Spy

Pamela Martinez (real name) has unfortunately been at the receiving end of hateful and negative body-shaming comments for the last few years which still baffles some of her fans because, according to them, her body was bonkers and continues to look that way. They don’t understand what weight gain people have been criticizing and trolling her for because she does not look that different from before.

They are not wrong and not that anyone ever deserves to be shamed for their weight and attacked and ridiculed and mocked if they put on weight but in case of Bayley, the commotion is simply too much for very little. Like her fans say, what weight gain? Well, not exactly that because she does indeed have a few extra pounds in her that were not there when she started wrestling but those extra pounds are not discussion-worthy.

I mean, it has been a long time since she signed with WWE and she just got a little rounder than before and that’s it. She can’t really be expected to look the same way forever. So, she has changed with time, just a little bit, nothing drastic. Sure, she’s super curvy, and noticeably so but she was never super slender and petite in the first place. After her weight gain, she just got rounder than she was before.

What Do Fans Say About Bayley’s Weight Gain?

Bayley has gotten just a little thicker and rounder after her weight gain. houseandwhips.comBayley has gotten just a little thicker and rounder after her weight gain.
Image Source: WWE

The wrestler looks the same as she did in 2012 when she signed with WWE except she has short hair now, she has gotten slender, and she looks more voluptuous than she did then. Her figure looks a bit exaggerated with the perfect hourglass shape she seems to have now. That’s all there is to her weight gain. She does not actually look fat and disgusting like many trolls say.

Bayley has just gotten thicker than before and less toned. Her breasts are huger than they were before and her a*s has also noticeably gotten bigger in the last few years. Plus, her belly has started to stick out. You can see that she’s growing a little pouch in the stomach and she is not quite as fit and slim in the waist area as she used to be. That’s all the weight gain she had. A little in the breasts and butt, and a little on the waist.

Thousands of people have made mountain out of molehill and accused the WWE superstar of letting herself go and gaining weight but fans have countered that she was bound to have put on few pounds after 2021 when she suffered a torn ACL during training at the WWE Performance Center. After she was injured while doing the ring work, she was unable to work out normally for about nine months as she recovered. This period of inactivity due to injury were bound to lead to Bayley’s weight gain and that’s just what happened.

Since then, she has recovered and she has gotten back into ring shape after continuing with her exercise routine. Even so, people still talk about her weight gain whenever her name comes up .