Baz Luhrmann’s Plastic Surgery: Why Does The Director Look So Unrecognizable These Days?

Derick Scholz

Baz Luhrmann's Plastic Surgery: Why Does The Director Look So Unrecognizable These Days?

Baz Luhrmann got plastic surgery to counter the effects of aging and remove wrinkles and get a more snatched look sometime in 2021 and people have been talking about it ever since. At the most, he has gotten Botox, fillers, and a facelift but he has changed so much that he looks like a completely different person. However, Baz Luhrmann has not yet acknowledged those speculations about his plastic surgery.

Baz Luhrmann is an Australian film director and he is one of the greatest Hollywood has right now. He is also a  producer, writer, and actor as well, but mostly he just directs. He has done all kinds of projects. His work ranges from film, television, and theatre to opera and music and recording industries. He is considered by many as a contemporary example of an auteur because of his style and deep involvement in the writing, directing, design, and musical components of all his work.

He is also the most commercially successful Australian director, with four of his films in the top ten highest worldwide-grossing Australian films of all time. He is best known for his Red Curtain Trilogy, which consists of the romantic comedy film Strictly Ballroom, and the romantic tragedies William Shakespeare‘s Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! He has also made Australia, The Great Gatsby, Elvis, and the television drama The Get Down.

He is very much praised for his excellency in filmmaking but that has now taken a back seat and all the talk about him is now mostly related to plastic surgery. Ever since 2016 when he took some aid to counter his aging, he looks different and people are too preoccupied with that to talk about anything else. Most people suspect he has had Botox, fillers, and a facelift. Let’s learn more about Baz Luhrmann’s plastic surgery!

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Baz Luhrmann’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Suspect He Has Had Botox, Fillers, and a Facelift!

Baz Luhrmann (@bazluhrmann) allegedly got Botox, fillers, and a facelift. As a director, he might not have been in the direct glare of the pressure of looking youthful and aging ‘gracefully’ that the glamor industry produces but he sure felt it anyway. We can tell from the way he looks nowadays that he underwent some bad plastic surgery that ended up making him look less like a human. He must regret the work he got done.

Everything was going fine for him till one day, he decided all of a sudden that he looked too old and that is not the way he wanted to look so, he got plastic surgery to remove all the signs of aging. And now, Baz Luhrmann does not look old as before but he does not young either. Like he cannot think that he possibly looks good with all the work done because he simply does not.

It was so sad that Baz Luhrmann could not hold the attention he received as a director and succumbed to the pressure of youth so easily despite not being there for the glam and all. He has been in and out of the spotlight because of the plastic surgery rumors ever since 2021 when he attended the AACTA Awards one night. His ever-youthful complexion which looked very unnatural was the talk of Hollywood back then.

The director was there on the promotions trail for his Elvis Presley biopic. He was not able to get much promotion done because at the end of the day, nobody was talking about his biopic but everybody was talking about Baz Luhrmann and how different he looked because of all that plastic surgery everybody could tell he had had because you don’t go from looking like someone who is aging normally to someone who has tampered with aging in a day.

Baz Luhrmann had no wrinkles, had a bit chalky and pale complexion, and looked a bit puffy in the face when he posed on the red carpet that night. He looked unnaturally shiny and smooth which is like the tell-tale sign of plastic surgery. His cheekbones also looked noticeably more pronounced than they did during his formative years in the spotlight.

Like Baz Luhrmann’s forehead was free from wrinkles, his face had no lines, and there were no crow’s feet around her eyes. His cheeks did not droop down and sag like they were supposed to. Instead, he was all smooth and glowing creepily and looking more snatch in the face. His cheeks were filled more than ever. He had plastic surgery.

He looked nothing like the Baz Luhrmann people had known when he directed the hit movie Strictly Ballroom in 1992. He barely had any kind of resemblance to that person. It’s crazy how much plastic surgery can transform you. He had to have had Botox, filler, and a facelift at the most, right? People generally have those procedures not with the intention of looking different but the younger version of themselves.

Once upon a time, Baz Luhrmann used to have a more rugged appearance with natural wrinkles and skin contours common for men his age. It was a time that is just in memories because now, he literally looks polished. He’s too smooth and his complexion’s weird. Now, he may not look old like he did but also he doesn’t look natural. Does he regret plastic surgery?

Before all these changes happened, he used to be talked about to be praised for his films. Now, the high caliber of his work remains the same yet people are more interested in talking about the bad plastic surgery he had rather than the good films he makes.

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