Bobby Lytes Before Plastic Surgery: Did The Reality Star Have a BBL? Fans Seek Before and After Pictures!


Bobby Lytes Before Plastic Surgery: Did The Reality Star Have a BBL? Fans Seek Before and After Pictures!

Bobby Lytes was rumored to have had plastic surgery on his butt to enhance it – a procedure called Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The reality star sparked the rumors when he posted pictures of himself in a bikini in which he was showing off his butt. Bobby Lytes, however, has denied that he had plastic surgery to enhance his butt. Some fans seek before and after pictures.

Bobby Lytes is a rapper and a television personality who is best known for being one of the original main cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. In 2018, he joined the show and became the franchise’s first openly gay cast member. The show depicted his struggles to make his career in the homophobic hip-hop industry as a gay rapper.

He also appears in the franchise specials Love & Hip Hop Awards: Most Certified and 40 Greatest Love & Hip Hop Moments: The Reboot. He also has his own dating show Bobby I Love You, Purr.

He, who has always been controversial for his altercation with other members, had not too long ago sparked plastic surgery rumors when he posted what he probably thought was a harmless photo of him showing off his butt. After that, fans began speculating that he got a procedure to enhance it. Let’s learn more about Bobby Lytes’ plastic surgery!

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Bobby Lytes Before Plastic Surgery: The Reality Star Denied Having a BBL!

Bobby Lytes (@bobbylytes) is believed to have had a plastic surgery procedure called Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) which is a butt enhancement procedure. The speculations of him having undergone this procedure started after he showed off his body for an Instagram picture.

So, not long ago, on April 19, Bobby Lytes posted some pictures on his Instagram, an action that seemed pretty innocuous and not requiring much thought. But it was not about the action, it was about the pictures. The flicks which he had uploaded to his Instagram page were of him enjoying his vacation in Palm Springs, California. Several of them were snaps of him tanning on the Cali sun and in one of them, he was showing off his butt. That picture, in particular, sparked plastic surgery rumors.

If you are thinking ‘how did the picture of him showing off his butt spark plastic surgery rumors when he was not even showing his face,’ well, the plastic surgery he is suspected of having is a butt enhancement procedure. It was those pictures of him in a zebra print bikini that set this whole thing off. He had captioned the post, “It’s your life. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for living it your way.”

It was very ironic because his followers did exactly what he said not to do. They did not exactly make him feel guilty about living life his own way but surely made him regret he ever shared those photos because he got hounded over speculations of plastic surgery.

The rumors of him getting BBL were so loud that Bobby Lytes could not just ignore it till it faded away. He had to step up and address them. So, before the rumors could spread even further, he came out and denied it and cleared the air around those rumors of plastic surgery.

Bobby Lytes took to Instagram to put the rumors that he got a butt enhancement procedure called BBL once and for all to end. On his Instagram story, he posted a single message in which he said that everyone had been talking and questioning about his butt. He also said that the theories his followers have about his butt (plastic surgery) were wrong. He wrote,

Everyone is asking me about my butt and a lot of people are reposting my picture saying ‘Ok Bobby with the BBL.’

Though Bobby Lytes did admit that he was looking different in the pictures, he clarified that it was not due to plastic surgery and denied the rumors of BBL. He referred to his improved physical appearance as his secret. A secret he would tell later.

I just wanna say 1 thing. I did not do a BBL. I’m going to make a video later and tell y’all my secret.

So, we don’t know just when Bobby Lytes is revealing his secret but what we do know is that he did not have plastic surgery.

Everything Alright Between Bobby Lyte and Cousin Trina?

Bobby Lyte recently revealed on the recent Love & Hip Hop: Miami premiere that he had an explosive exchange with Raymond Taylor, his cousin Trina‘s fiance, after which he is ‘on the outs’ with the cousin.

Page Six showed a sneak peek in which Bobby Lytes was having a heart-to-heart conversation with his brother One Snoop Monzta about Lytes’ relationship with Trina. He was heard asking,

So, you’re part of our family. Lately, it’s like you just ostracized yourself from all of us. What’s up with you and sis, man?

Bobby Lytes then said that he had no problem with her but rather with the people around her.

I love you and Trina, and I’m going to always let you know, I’ll never bad-talk her ever. It’s the people around her.

Lytes further explains to Snoop,

To be particular, her fiancé, he doesn’t like me. And he told me to my face, ‘I don’t f—k with you.’ So guess what? Now we draw the f—king line.

He is also seen blaming Taylor for the current discord in a confessional. He said that the real reason why he was on the outs with Trina is because he got into a conflict with Raymond, her fiance.

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