Bret Bielema’s Weight Gain: How Much Weight Did The Football Coach Gain?


Bret Bielema's Weight Gain: How Much Weight Did The Football Coach Gain?

Bret Bielema’s weight gain speculations started after his recent press conference in which he didn’t look like he was in his best form. Football fans have theorized many different reasons why the football coach gained weight as Bret Bielema himself has not addressed his weight gain.

Bret Bielema is an American football coach who currently serves as the head football coach at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He was born on January 13, 1970, in Silvis, Illinois. He went to Prophetstown High School where he played tight end and linebacker.

He walked on as a defensive lineman at the University of Iowa under coach Hayden Fry and played from 1989 to 1992. He served as a team captain during his senior season and he was a part of the 1990 Iowa team that won a share of the Big Ten title with Illinois.

Before Bret Bielema was a coach for Illinois, he served as the head football coach at the University of Wisconsin–Madison from 2006 to 2012. He also served as the head football coach at the University of Arkansas from 2013 to 2017, tallying a mark of 29–34. And he was in the National Football League (NFL) for three seasons, working as an assistant coach in 2018 and 2019 with the New England Patriots and in 2020 with the New York Giants.

He recently did a press conference ahead of the Indiana football season where he looked big. This created curiosity among the football fans about the football coach’s weight gain. They have come up with different theories about why he gained weight. Let’s find out more about Bret Bielema’s weight gain!

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Bret Bielema’s Weight Gain: The Head Coach of Illinois Looked Big in a Recent Press Conference!

Ahead of the Indiana football season which began on September 2nd at Memorial Stadium, Illinois coach Bret Bielema (@BretBielema) spoke to the media about the matches, the team and their strategies, and more in a press conference. Those who did watch him at the press conference interacting with the media did notice that he was looking not very fit. He looked kind of big which led people to wonder how he had weight gain.

Though the coach had many more interesting things to say, like he talked about the unique dynamic of playing an Indiana team that has film on the Illini, and he shared about the injuries of some of the team members, it could not distract the viewers from his physique. Admittedly, he wasn’t in the best shape but with the game season on, I don’t think he is much bothered about his weight gain currently which is ironic considering the fans are going on about it on social media.

So, Bret Bielema looks like he has put on some extra pounds and his physique isn’t particularly impressive right now. He clearly had some weight gain. He is not concerned about it at the moment but it does not change the fact that he did. He has not addressed the matter. But that does not mean that people can start trolling him on social media about his body which is exactly what they are doing. They are seemingly doing it to get a response out of Bret.

A person commented on Twitter about his weight gain writing that Bret Bielema looks like the guy who says ‘Diet starts tomorrow’ as he takes a giant bite out of a pulled pork sandwich, which could be very triggering if the rumors that the football coach had been stress eating are true. Those rumors have not been confirmed or denied yet.

Because Bret Bielema has largely chosen to ignore the comments about his weight gain and has not addressed it, people have been inventing the causes of his weight gain and spreading them as rumors. Besides the stress-eating rumors, there are talks that the football coach has a sleep disorder and he sleeps more than necessary, which is why he has gained all that extra weight.

Some people believe that Bret Bielema works excessive hours and working excessive hours is what has stressed him, which in turn has contributed to his weight gain.

However, all these rumors are just people’s imaginations which might or might not be true. We won’t know till the coach himself confirms them to be true or denies them. For that, he would have to address his weight gain which is most likely the least of his concerns now. So, I think these baseless rumors are going to be around for a while.

And anyway, Bret Bielema’s weight gain is definitely not something that happened recently. When he was with Arkansas and with the NFL, he was criticized for letting his weight go. So, if he hasn’t yet talked about it, it means that he does not want to.

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