Brie Larson’s Nose Job: The Actress Before and After Rhinoplasty!


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Brie Larson’s Nose Job: The Actress Before and After Rhinoplasty!

Brie Larson is believed to have had two nose jobs to achieve a perfect nose. Before rhinoplasty, she used to have a flat nose, and now she has a pointed one. Many claimed that after the surgeries she lost her bubbly, smiley face, but it seems like Brie Larson is not bothered by the comment and loves her new look after the nose job.

People are drooling over the celebrities who showed up on the Cannes red carpet and wowed the audiences. For you, whose look on the Cannes red carpet of 2023 was a slay? If you are thinking of Brie Larson, we are on the same page. Do you know who she was dancing with at the event? What was she wearing? Or are you too busy wondering what the secret behind her glowing skin is? Well, let’s talk about that.

Brie was seen dancing with Michelle Yeoh at the Kering Women in Motion Dinner. She was called the queen of the night, after making the night powerful. The actress was wearing a slightly sheer gold and white checkered jumpsuit with a gold and silver beaded starburst-pattern bodice. She added the festive in Festival de Cannes, which is itself a film festival held annually in Cannes, France, that reviews new films of all genres, including documentaries, from all around the world.

After Brie was seen in Cannes, she has been in the news and on people’s minds. People want to know more about the actress’s upcoming movies and work. More than that, they are curious to know if she has made some changes to her face or not, especially on her nose job because as observation would have it, it looks different. Did she have a nose job?  If you want to know more if Brie Larson has had a nose job, read this article.

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Did Brie Larson Have a Nose Job? She Used To Have a Flat Nose Before!

Brie Larson is suspected of having a nose job multiple times. Brie Larson is suspected of having a nose job multiple times.
Image Source: People

Many people believe that Brie Larson (@brielarson) has had a nose job procedure twice as has been reported numerous times. Besides this, there are also rumors of her doing face filler and a facelift, but none of this has been confirmed yet. Many fans of her are waiting for the actress’s confirmation, but she seems to be a very private person and loves her own space.

Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, aka Brie Larson, is an American actress. She started getting interested in becoming an actress at the age of five, and by the age of six, she had been admitted to a training program at the American Conservatory Theater. She was the youngest student to be admitted, and she began her acting career in 1998 with a comedy sketch on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Brie’s breakthrough came when she appeared in the independent drama Short Term 12 in 2013. She has been in the limelight since she was a teenager. Do you know she is not only an actress but also a co-writer, co-director, and singer? When it comes to personal news, Larson is a very private person, and she rarely discusses her things in the media.

But the general public discusses Brie Larson’s appearance plenty. Many people have been claiming that the 33-year-old American actress has made drastic changes to her face with plastic surgery. One of the most noticeable things she has done is a nose job. Apparently, the nose she has now is fake. And the shape of her nose was not always the same. She changed it. However, she has not ever shared why she chose to have a nose job not once but twice because she’s private.

Although you are a private person, some of the things are noticeable, and you can’t hide or deny the fact. Especially if you are a celebrity or well-known face, people will always be digging into and noticing you. Similarly, Brie’s nose job news is among the realities. She has not confirmed yet, but no one can deny that it’s just rumored.

Brie Larson seems content with her nose job despite people trolling her. Brie Larson seems content with her nose job despite people trolling her.
Image Source: ET Canada

Brie Larson is believed to have had two rhinoplasty operations to achieve the perfect nose. She is said to have had a nose job to change the bridge, tip, and nasal bone. Her first operation apparently modified only her nose tip, making it more elegant. However, she was not satisfied with just that nose job as she did not achieve the look she wanted so, after a few more years, she got a second one that changed the width of her nose. Now, she has the perfect nose and it does seem like it favors her look, and she seems to be happy with her result.

Did Brie Larson Have Face Fillers?

Besides rhinoplasty, Brie Larson is also rumored to have done other procedures, including face fillers and a facelift. Many think she has already become addicted to filler in her early 30s. They claim that her face looked too mature with tight muscles, which led her to have cheek filler.

In addition to filler, she has also been accused of having facelifts. A facelift involves the removal of excess facial fat and the tightening of facial muscles. It also involves the trimming or redraping of facial skin to approximate a smoother, firmer facial appearance. Comparing her before and after pictures, she has made some changes. Well, it might be true or fake, but until she conforms to having any procedure, the news is unverified.

Brie Larson has once spoken of facing many problems due to her face. In 2016, she stated that she was rejected by the project because she was not perfect for the main role, and the producer wanted a prettier girl than her. She also said that she loves being messy with her pajamas and no makeup, which creates her problems, and she stated;

I wasn’t pretty enough to play the popular girl, I wasn’t mousy enough to be the mousy girl, so I never fit in. And so I’d get close, but I got nowhere, and it was really Sainful.