Butterbean’s Weight Loss 2022: The Boxer Shed Over 100 Pounds!


Butterbean's Weight Loss 2022: The Boxer Shed Over 100 Pounds!

Butterbean’s weight loss in 2022 sees the boxer going from 417 lbs to 312 lbs. Butterbean or Eric Esch is a retired American boxer who played in the heavyweight division. However, it has been claimed that Butterbean has probably undergone a strict weight loss journey and now, is fit. Let’s uncover the details of the retired boxer Butterbean’s weight loss in 2022.

Everyone craves entertainment, and with time, the source of entertainment has also been changing. However, fighting, pushing one another down, and boxing have been a part of entertainment since early royal time. The kings witnessed fights as a source to enjoy themselves, and now, wrestling and boxing have been taken as sources of entertainment. Eric Esch who is popularly known as Butterbean is one of the popular American wrestlers, boxers, martial artists, and kickboxers.

Butterbean had also competed in the heavyweight division and is also a television personality star. Butterbean is mainly known for his extremely heavy body, and yes, he may fall into the heavyweight category and might have won several awards, but his weight is the main issue.

Rather than having built-up muscles, Butterbean’s body is covered by unnecessary folding of the skin. Fortunately, Butterbean has successfully shredded pounds of weight. Let’s have an insight into Butterbean’s weight loss journey.

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Butterbean’s Weight Loss Journey: Eric Esch Lost Over 100 lbs!

The owner of Mr. Bean’s BBQ, Butterbean whose real name happens to be Eric Esch is not only confined to having a restaurant but is a former wrestler, boxer, martial artist, and kickboxer. He was born on 3rd August 1966 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. His career was inclined and devoted to wrestling in 1994 when he knocked out the Toughman Contest scene and moved to capture the World Athletic Association (WAA) heavyweight and IBA Super heavyweight championships.

Actually, Butterbean (@butterbeanboxer) is of German descent, and when he was aged four, his parents moved to the States. Butterbean was genetically obese and faced daunting childhood years. Just at the age of eight, Butterbean lost his mother. Also, for his heavy appearance, Butterbeans faced a lot of bullies. However, today, he is taken as one of the successful personalities.

Presently, Butterbean has undergone a massive weight loss. Starting from his childhood days to even the present, Butterbean has always been the victim of body shaming, and people make up different futile news about his weight and physical appearance. Earlier, he weighed 417 pounds, and it seems like his obese and unhealthy weight is the result of his childhood trauma and genetics.

Not only did Butterbean face a lot of bullies but his excess weight was also attracting several diseases, and was making him weak. To get rid of all of these, Butterbean decided to opt for a weight loss journey. During the start of his weight loss, Butterbean weighed 417 pounds, and after following the strict diet and workout routines, Butterbvean successfully shredded over 100 pounds of weight, and now, he weighs 312 pounds.

Also at the age of 36, when Butterbeans entered the Toughman competition, he was asked to withdraw and was told that the limit was 400 pounds. At that instant, Butterbeans weighed 420 pounds, and just for the sake of getting to the Toughman competition, he adhered to taking a strict diet that consisted of only chicken and butterbeans. In this way, he was able to get rid of the unnecessary skin.

Wrestling in general acted as a positive catalyst in motivating Butterbean to lose pounds of weight, however, now that, Butterbean has retired from it, he doesn’t seem to work out much or follow any kind of healthy diet. But compared to his past looks, he looks healthier and fit.

Also, we should look from Butterbean’s perspective as well. it is so easy for us to judge him and ask him to follow the weight loss journey but only he knows how difficult it is to be consistent with a healthy schedule.

How Much Money Does Butterbean Make?

The American professional wrestler and martial artist, Butterbean makes a hefty net worth. Having won several titles along with fame and money, he definitely has outshined his career. According to some sources, it has been estimated that summing up his total assets along with salary and net worth, Butterbean is worth around $600,000.

Talking about his relationship status, Butterbean is a married father along with being the father of his three children, sons Brandon and Caleb, and daughter Grace.

As Butterbean has retired from boxing, currently, we can find him cooking at Mr. Bean’s BBQ in Jasper. Mr. Bean’s BBQ is operated by Butterbean himself and has been owned for a decade. Also, recently, news has been circulating about Butterbean returning back to the ring, and as per some sources, it has been found that Butterbean is likely to bring his podcast on where he will be describing his plan on getting back to the ring.

So, do you think Butterbean ever returns back to the ring? If yes, what will happen to Mr. Bean’s BBQ?

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