Is Plastic Surgery To Be Credited For Calvin Harris’ Transformation?

Derick Scholz

Calvin Harris' fans suspect that his transformation is all plastic surgery. – Calvin Harris may not look like he has had plastic surgery but he did undergo the most dramatic transformation as he went from being a geeky, gangly DJ to being one of the most handsome stars. He is suspected of having cosmetic dentistry and some sort of jaw surgery. Some think he got Botox on his jaw. Calvin Harris has never admitted to plastic surgery.

It was only when he released his third studio album 18 Months that Calvin Harris shot to international popularity The DJ and record producer had already achieved commercial success with his first two albums I Created Disco and Ready for the Weekend in the UK but he reached whole another level of fame after his third album. With three more albums, he has been nominated for 18 Brit Awards. He won British Producer of the Year and British Single of the Year in 2019. He has also received five Grammy nominations, out of which he won one for Best Music Video in 2013.

Calvin Harris was named the Top Dance/Electronic Artist at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. He also made it to Debrett‘s 2017 list of the most influential people in the United Kingdom. As per Forbes, he was the world’s highest-paid DJ for six consecutive years from 2013 to 2018. He’s one of the most commercially successful DJs and is extremely popular. So, let’s talk about his plastic surgery because that’s what we do about celebrities!

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Calvin Harris’ Plastic Surgery: What’s The Secret of His Transformation?

Calvin Harris‘ (@calvinharris) followers credit plastic surgery for the dramatic physical transformation he has undergone. He is widely suspected of having jaw surgery and some dental work. Some think he has had Botox on his jaw area and he is also believed to have had chemical peels.

Calvin Harris is suspected of having plastic surgery to transform himself. Calvin Harris is suspected of having plastic surgery to transform himself.
Image Source: British GQ

Harris is undoubtedly one of the most commercially bankable DJs and so, one of the most in demand. He is probably the most attractive DJ as well. You might have noticed that the legions of followers are not all for his music but also for his looks. It’s funny when you think of his earlier days because he definitely wasn’t this hot when he started out. He was very geeky and gangly and he looked good, for sure, but in a boy-next-door way. He was not as ruggedly handsome as he is now, which is why people think there’s plastic surgery at play here.

Calvin Harris has undergone one of the most dramatic physical transformations. He really went from nerd-ish DJ with an unkempt stubble and occasional slick of hair jel often dressed in a tracksuit top to one of the hottest and the most handsome producers. He has such a gorgeous face it’s insane that he ever looked anything less with that face. As someone said, he truly has one of the most marketable faces in the industry and many believe he attained his new look with the help of plastic surgery.

Let’s take a look at what Harley Street cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tijion Esho has to say about his physical transformation! According to him, Harris’ transformation is all due to the combination of his hard work at the gym, better grooming, and better styling with a mix of cosmetic procedures. Esho does not believe that he has had any plastic surgery aside from cosmetic dentistry!

Calvin Harris Has Never Admitted to Having Plastic Surgery!

Calvin Harris has never confirmed having cosmetic procedures. Calvin Harris has never confirmed having cosmetic procedures.
Image Source: Belfast Telegraph

The Acceptable in ’80s hitmaker didn’t always have the most perfect smile. The fact that he does now seems to be an indication that he had plastic surgery to fix his teeth. Well, it’s called cosmetic dentistry but whatever it might be called, the point is the change in his teeth led to a huge difference. As per Dr. Esho, teeth whitening and bonding are some of the things that made Calvin Harris look different.

One of the most notable changes has been Calvin’s teeth. In 2008 these were crocked and stained, while from 2013 to present day they are straight and white, giving him that classic Hollywood smile. The results look natural, suggesting he likely had a combination of Invisalign aligners, teeth bonding and whitening.

Dr. Esho also suspects that Harris has invested in treatments such as PH formula skin resurfacing peels and Alma laser skin resurfacing because he didn’t always have as nice skin as he has now. While his skin is very clear now, he used to have some inflammation and redness in his skin when he was younger. Chemical peels have been known to fix that. It’s not plastic surgery but it’s definitely a cosmetic treatment.

Calvin Harris is also suspected of having some work on his jaw because it looks sharper than before. As one Redditor pointed out,

From what I can guess in my limited knowledge of treatments: colored hair, tanning, better hair grooming, veneers, and maybe some kind of Botox in the jaw area to create a more masculine profile. His glow up reminds me of Matthew Lewis. It’s surprising what good dental work can do to the appearance. 

As for his ripped body, he may have achieved that with the changes in his lifestyle such as a change in diet and an intense workout schedule. If he has had any plastic surgery, it’s only on his face. Note that Calvin Harris has never admitted to having any cosmetic procedures.