Law & Order: Carey Lowell’s Plastic Surgery is Trending But What’s the Truth?


Law & Order: Carey Lowell's Plastic Surgery is Trending But What's the Truth?

Law & Order star Carey Lowell was accused of having plastic surgery as she does not look like a 61-years old veteran actress. Has the on-screen Jamie Ross gone under the knife? Fans wonder about Carey Lowell’s before and after cosmetic surgery transformation.

Carey Lowell is an actress and former model from the United States. Best known as Jamie Ross on the NBC police procedural drama Law & Order, she began her modeling career working for prestigious fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Dangerously Close (1986) marked the debut of her acting career and starred in Club Paradise the next year.

Carey later reprised her role in the video game 007 Legends, contributing her voice to the character. She is most recognized for her work on television, particularly for her role as Jamie Ross in the American drama Law & Order. She appeared in the series both as a main character and as a guest star.

In the mid-2000s, she got disillusioned and enrolled at New York University to study documentary filmmaking. Her three-year divorce with the actor Richard Gere was finalized in 2016. Carey Lowell has stayed out of the spotlight since then.

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Carey Lowell’s Plastic Surgery: Has the Law & Order Star Undergone Any Cosmetic Change?

After being in a relationship with her former husband Richard Gere for nearly 11 years, it’s logical that the public began to doubt Carey Lowell‘s appearance. Looking at her pictures, it appears that she had to preserve her appearance at all times.

Her former husband, Richard Gere, had also gone under the knife a couple of times, which drew the attention of the lovers. However, the star did not keep his cosmetic surgery a secret from the public and announced it.

He underwent plastic surgery as he grew older in order to maintain his attractive features. Nobody wants to look old, especially when you are famous. Not once or twice, he himself claimed that he had undergone plastic surgery multiple times.

Carey is still as lovely as she was in her 60s. A few wrinkles and scruffy skin, on the other hand, indicate that she hasn’t had any substantial plastic surgery, at least not like her ex-husband. It’s incredible how she has maintained herself with such a beautiful appearance at her age. Well, everybody would love to look the same at that age.

Carey Lowell had a unique kind of attractiveness during her prime years, which she still possesses today. The actress hasn’t worked in the film industry in almost a decade. So, while she may appear to be older, her eyes, nose, and cheeks are all the same. As a result, we may safely assume she hasn’t been through any kind of surgery.

Overall, it appears that Carey’s beauty emerges entirely from her parents’ good genes. Furthermore, great cosmetics and well-care products may have such an impact on her appearance.

The actress is set to return to the screen in the near future as part of the Law & Order cast reunion. Stay tuned for more information about the actress and her transformation throughout the years.

Carey Lowell Made a Surprise Return in the Season 21 Premiere of Law & Order

The season 21 premiere of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit premiered at the end of February 2022, and it featured some familiar faces.

Sam Waterston and Anthony Anderson made cameo appearances in the episode, but it was actress Carey Lowell‘s return as former Defense Attorney and eventual Assistant District Attorney Jamie Ross that caught everyone off guard.

Ross was a member of the cast in the 1990s and 2000s, and she had a role in Law & Order: Trial By Jury and she made a surprising return in 2022.

Detectives Kevin Bernard and Frank Cosgrove were investigating a case involving a sexual predator named Henry King that had similarities of Bill Cosby‘s and R. Kelly‘s notable cases.

After King was dead, the detectives obtained a confession from Nicole, one of King’s victims, but only after Cosgrove lied to her and tells her that there will be no consequences for shooting him because no one would ever convict her.

Because current Executive Assistant District Attorney Nolan Price believed that was immoral, he asked District Attorney Jack McCoy to dismiss the confession, which McCoy agreed to do after some convincing.

However, this nearly backfired on him when Cosgrove brought up the confession on the stand, almost leading to the case being dismissed. It prevented a mistrial, but Price was afraid the jury disliked him at that point, especially after the defendant’s passionate appeal.

Price traveled to meet with Ross (played by Carey Lowell) at that time because she was involved in the original case against King. Price grilled her with questions, but she remained tight-lipped, but it is revealed that she met Nicole on the day of the murder.

Therefore, fans were happy and surprised by the return of Carey Lowell in the show. You all have to tune in with the show to learn what happened next in the show.

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