Carla Piera Weight Loss: Her Journey With BodySlims!


Carla Piera had a weight loss of 13 stone in just 14 months.

Carla Piera underwent a significant weight loss of 13 stone (182 pounds) in just 14 months. She was addicted to food and had body image issues and tried to lose weight by purging. But that didn’t work. So, Carla Piera joined a program called BodySlims and she didn’t just go on a weight loss journey but she also dealt with her unresolved food addiction and mental stress.

Carla Piera is very inspiring in how she dealt with her binge eating disorder, bulimia, and body image issues and also, in how she overcame that to pull off the massive weight loss that she did. It really changed her outlook on life and mental health and self-worth when she went from being a overweight person addicted to food to being a much slimmer and healthier person.

Here’s everything to know about Carla Piera’s weight loss journey!

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Carla Piera’s Weight Loss: The Recovery From Her Eating Disorder and Body Image Issues!

Carla Piera (@halfofcarla) pulled off one of the most stunning and motivating weight loss transformations when she slimmed down to 10 stone from 23 stone 1.8 pounds in just 14 months. It’s not a small feat that she was able to shed 13 stone in just a little more than one year.

Carla Piera had a weight loss of 13 stone in just 14 months. houseandwhips.comCarla Piera had a weight loss of 13 stone in just 14 months.
Image Source: Sunday World

Carla was very inspirational in how she managed to slim down by overcoming her body image issues and eating disorders. She had been overweight her entire life and had an abnormal relationship with food since she was five. It didn’t help that she got the keys to her family’s bakery and cafe because she then started going to the bakery alone and secretly bingeing 6,000 calories worth of food as she didn’t know when to stop and nobody was around to tell her. She never thought of undergoing weight loss.

When Carla Piera finally thought that her weight was getting out of control, she went the wrong way about it to control it. She began purging the food and ended up destroying her system with bulimia and a binge eating disorder. When that obviously didn’t work, she tried the Atkins diet and had a weight loss of 84 pounds in six weeks. But she couldn’t keep up the diet for long and as soon as she gave it up, she gained back again by eating carbs.

When nothing worked, Carla went to see a clinical psychologist who then told her that she was using food as a tool to escape what was going on inside her. She then decided to seek therapy for her issues and only then did she start to uncover the unresolved childhood trauma that led to her body image issues. It was January 2020 and she weighed 323.8 pounds at the time. After therapy, she attempted to have weight loss in a more healthy and sustainable way.

Carla Piera joined a program called BodySlims and started reducing her calorie intake and walking for one hour every day, all the while addressing her mental health and dealing with her food addiction and body image issue. Before 2020, she never thought she was good enough no matter what she achieved in her life because she was overweight. She thought she was worthless because of that. But everything changed once she got started on a weight loss journey in 2020.

Since then my entire life has completely changed. I have mental freedom. I’m no longer worried about fitting into tight seats or on a plane. I don’t have to walk sideways down a bus aisle. I can shop in any store I want and dress the way I want to, not just in the things that fit.

Carla Piera struggled with her binge eating disorder and body image issues. houseandwhips.comCarla Piera struggled with her binge eating disorder and body image issues.
Image Source: Irish Mirror

Carla Piera was probably the happiest about her weight loss when she got pregnant. She did mention that she and her partner Vincent were “over the moon” because they were under the impression that her ability to have children was affected by her weight. She had tested her egg reserves at the start of her health and fitness journey but the results were very poor that she didn’t have hope. But getting slimmer and healthier changed that for her.

Carla is a completely different person now. After the weight loss, she has gotten not just physically healthy but mentally and emotionally as well. She has overcome her binge eating disorder and body image issues and is much happier now.

I am a much more open person, my happiness and self worth has changed completely because I’ve proven to myself that I’m worth this change, I’m worth showing up for myself. I’m so incredibly proud of myself and the changes I’ve made for myself. I know I’m worth the effort I put in and continue to put in to my health and life.

Carla Piera’s Journey With BodySlims: How Did She Have Weight Loss?

As to how Carla Piera managed to have such a significant weight loss, she tried a program called BodySlims. She began with a very simple exercise of walking one hour a day. She also started to do intermittent fasting and broke that fasting at 12:00 p.m. with a huge salad. Because she, as a former food addict, used to be triggered if she had small portions, she began to eat in abundance.

Carla Piera joined a program called BodySlims after which she got slimmer and healthier. houseandwhips.comCarla Piera joined a program called BodySlims after which she got slimmer and healthier.
Image Source: The Mirror

Only this time, she filled her plate with high-volume, lower-calorie foods, with variety and flavor. She mostly stayed away from pasta or tons of bread but occasionally tried to work them into her calorie allowance once in a while. She sometimes also ate some processed food, such as vegan meat substitutes. She completely avoided eating out too much because it’s hard to tell what the calorie amounts are. Eventually, her weight loss journey became successful.

By March 2021, Carla Piera had lost 183 pounds and reached her goal weight. She said that she felt better than she had ever felt in her entire life and it was not just about her physical change. After weight loss, she felt like she had finally stepped out of a prison of her own making and set herself free. She was very proud of how she showed up for herself. As she said,

I thought the biggest thing would be the weight loss, but it was actually how I showed up for myself. Becoming my own biggest champion resulted in that weight loss. People are stunned by the change in my appearance, but it’s my friends and family that notice the biggest changes. I’m a much calmer person, I’m more outgoing, open, friendly, some even say “bubbly”.