Carol Kirkwood Runs and It Leads To Her Weight Loss!


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Carol Kirkwood's weight loss secret is running. – Carol Kirkwood is in fantastic shape which is why people are immensely interested in her weight loss regime. However, there’s not much to her secret of slimming down. No hardcore gym sessions or workouts to follow and no restrictive diet to stick to. All Carol Kirkwood does is run, run, and run, and that has been enough for her weight loss and body maintenance.

Carol Kirkwood always has some really interesting things to say. She is very engaging and is never at a loss for words. That’s why she makes the perfect host or presenter for any kind of show. Currently, she works as the main weather presenter on BBC Breakfast. Though she is fabulous at hosting, that’s not all she has done. In 2015, she competed in the 13th series of BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing and finished in 10th place.

Anyway, Carol Kirkwood has been with BBC for a long time, and given how interesting she keeps things with her Scottish sense of humor and incredible insights on the weather and how she has managed to attract a large number of viewers for her show, she is very valuable to BBC. Also, she’s not just charming to hear, she’s very beautiful to look at. It’s amazing how she has maintained herself. She is in fantastic shape and she was not always like that. So, people desperately want to know the secret of her weight loss.

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Carol Kirkwood’s Weight Loss: She Has Maintained Herself Very Well!

Carol Kirkwood went on a weight loss journey to maintain her physique and that has turned out very well for her as she’s now very slim and trim.

Carol Kirkwood's fans want to know her weight loss secrets. houseandwhips.comCarol Kirkwood’s fans want to know her weight loss secrets.
Image Source: BBC

Carol’s a favorite among the viewers of BBC Breakfast and she not only engages them with her small talk and interesting insights on the weather but she also always impresses them with her appearance and how good of a job she has done maintaining herself. She has an incredible physique and she looks amazing. But it was not always like that. She had a weight loss to maintain her shape. What she did to lose weight is something her fans have been extremely curious about.

Carol Kirkwood’s fans would really like to know how she went from looking a little bulky to getting a very svelte figure. It was not very long ago that her weight was a problem for her. Back in 2020, she got into a horrible bike accident that left her with a nasty knee injury. During the time it took for her to recover, she ended up gaining 10 pounds. Since then, she has had weight loss but even so, talking about it still makes her upset because she was unable to do anything about her weight as she was not allowed to move much.

Speaking of that time, Carol Kirkwood said,

I try to be careful about my weight. I know people say don’t weigh yourself every day, but I do. I put on about 10lbs during lockdown, as somebody very kindly pointed out to me. But I had had an accident, so I was immobile. I’m determined to lose the weight.

It’s been three years since that traumatic accident. Now, she no longer hears people making comments about how much weight she’s gained. She only hears fans talk about how great she looks with her toned physique. She also gets a lot of questions about what she does to maintain herself. People want to learn about her exercise regime because they too would like to look as shapely as she is. They too would love to do what she did for weight loss.

Carol Kirkwood’s Secret Weight Loss Method is Running!

Carol Kirkwood runs to stay in shape and that's how she stays fit. houseandwhips.comCarol Kirkwood runs to stay in shape and that’s how she stays fit.
Image Source: The Mirror

Well, as it turns out, there’s nothing much to Kirkwood’s physical transformation. She does not have any hardcore workouts or exercises that she does regularly and she does not have any restrictive diet she sticks to. In 2022, she joined a fitness community called Her Spirit which helps women get fitter, healthier, and happier through walking, cycling, and swimming challenges. And that’s just it. These basic things are what helped Carol Kirkwood in her weight loss. She had mentioned falling off the exercise wagon until this.

Before all this as well, she had done a good job at maintaining herself. In the past, she gave credit for her trim and slim figure to her busy schedule. She had to run between the BBC TV and radio studios every 15 minutes to give the weather updates and in doing that, she managed to get in a lot of exercise. How would that not lead to her having weight loss and getting thinner?

I’m so busy during my shift I have trainers on. I run from the TV studio to the radio because I am on every 15 minutes. I’ve got a good pair of trainers! I think I do about six to eight thousand steps every morning.

So, basically, running is what Carol Kirkwood does to stay fit. It’s something that she enjoys a lot. Ever since she took part in a 5k run, she fell in love with it and she doesn’t mind that she has to run every 15 minutes for her job. Before she adopted that exercise, she didn’t like how her bottom half looked. She thought that her hips looked fat. Now that she had a weight loss, that’s no longer a problem.

In 2015, she lost almost a stone and dropped two dress sizes when she was one of the contestants on Strictly Come Dancing. The grueling rehearsal demands really worked her weight.

But believe you me, I’m eating like a horse, I wasn’t on a diet. I was the type of person who would drive around the car park to get to the supermarket door so I went from doing virtually no exercise to seven or eight hours a day, so it’s not surprising… I just need to keep it up now!

Since then, Carol Kirkwood has mostly maintained herself.