Carol Vorderman’s Plastic Surgery: What’s the Secret of the Countdown Star’s Young Looks and Her Curvy Shape?


Carol Vorderman's Plastic Surgery: What's the Secret of the Countdown Star's Young Looks and Her Curvy Shape?

Carol Vorderman looks very young and very curvy for her age which is most likely due to plastic surgery. The Countdown star is believed to have undergone butt implants, abdominoplasty, and breast implants to get an hourglass figure. She is also believed to have had Botox, fillers, a nose job, and a facelift. However, Carol Vorderman has not admitted to having any plastic surgery. She has only told in an interview that she has had Botox as everybody else does.

Carol Vorderman, MBE HonFIET is a British media personality who came to fame when she appeared on the game show Countdown. She did the game show for 26 years from 1982 until 2008. She is also recognized as a newspaper columnist and nominal author of educational and diet books. And you can see her hosting the annual Pride of Britain awards.

Her career in the media began when she joined Channel 4 game show Countdown in 1982. She appeared on the show with Richard Whiteley until his death in 2005 and after that, she did the show along with Des Lynam and Des O’Connor. She started presenting other shows for various broadcasters including Better Homes and The Pride of Britain Awards for ITV while she appeared on Countdown.

Carol Vorderman also guest-hosted shows such as Have I Got News for You, The Sunday Night Project, and Lorraine. She was a presenter of ITV’s Loose Women from 2011 until 2014. She has also written books on detox diets.

In all the years we have known her, she has gone through a lot and changed a lot as well, as has her body. Her body transformation is the most curious thing about her because she really went from being a slim girl to a curvaceous one as she got older. Nobody would believe it is natural if women get curves as they age. They would always assume that it is plastic surgery. Carol has given a lot of reasons for people to think that. It’s not just the body, it’s her face as well which looks too fresh and youthful for a woman her age. Here are all the details about Carol Vorderman’s plastic surgery!

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Carol Vorderman’s Plastic Surgery: The Television Presenter Looks Very Young and Curvy Now than Ever Before!

Carol Vorderman looks like she has bought curves and youth with plastic surgery. She is suspected of having had Botox, fillers, a facelift, and a nose job to make herself look young and she is also believed to have had breast implants, addominoplasty, and butt implants.

Carol Vorderman has been targeted with plastic surgery speculations for many years now. Well, that tends to happen when a person starts to look younger as they age and when they gain curves that were not there before when they were young. That’s what the Countdown legend has been up to these few years – flaunting her curves and looking unnaturally young. No wonder she is suspected of having cosmetic surgery.

Carol Vorderman is spotted out often in flattering outfits that put her curvaceous figure on display. In March 2019, when she was photographed in a tight outfit, her incredible curves and peachy posterior sparked speculations that she has had enhancements with plastic surgery among people after they realized that she had transformed right before our eyes and gotten the curves that would make the Kardashians green with envy when those were never there to begin with.

Carol Vorderman was speculated to have had butt implants but she repeatedly denied that although nothing besides plastic surgery would justify those impossible curves. She told MailOnline that she has always had a huge a*se and added that she looks bigger in her bottom area because of the tight clothes she wears. She even revealed that she’s had to go commando on the red carpet because ‘knickers dig into my big bum.’ With a tweet, she dispelled those butt implant rumors.

Caught ordering an uber today after a meeting… old ⁦@KarenMillen⁩ top and old jeggings from ⁦@marksandspencer⁩…. but it’s the same old Vorders.

Carol Vorderman also said that having a huge bottom was a hereditary thing in her family. She’s always had those and so did everyone in her family. So, there would never be any need for her to have bum implants. She really said,

I promise I haven’t had bottom implants. It’s the same old bottom. In my family, loads of us have it: the Vorderman A**e. My daughter Katie has it. My nephew has it. We’re all sticky-out-bottom people.

She is also believed to have had an abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck because her waist looks incredibly thin. People cannot remember her waist being that skinny before 2019. Now, Carol Vorderman has an hourglass figure and her slim waist is accentuated in her tight outfits that people can’t help but take notice of. People also believe that she has had breast enlargement surgery as well because she has breasts larger than before. She has not responded to these plastic surgery rumors, however.

And like I said, it’s not just her body. It’s Carol Vorderman’s face as well. She’s 62 now but she could be someone half her age. That’s how young she looks and that’s what has sparked rumors that she has had plastic surgery on her face as well to buy youth. People believe she has had Botox, fillers, a nose job, and a facelift. About these cosmetic procedures, she never outright denied it. She only gave mixed messages whenever she was asked if she has had surgical help to tweak her appearance.

In 2012, Carol Vorderman admitted to wanting ‘a little rejuvenation’ to ‘fix the things that need fixing.’ She said that she was a bit frightened of a full facelift but she’ll get little things done. She could not be this vague anymore about plastic surgery after she was trolled when she appeared on the ITV show Lorraine to stand in for Lorraine Kelly. Her shiny appearance and stretchy-looking face with a weird complexion were impossible not to notice.

Momentarily, social media was flooded with comments about Carol Vorderman’s face and plastic surgery. While some told her to ‘grow old naturally, woman,’ others commented that her face becomes more plastic every time they see her. One person wrote that her face looked like it has lost the fight with gravity while another wrote that her face looks so fake now and that she looks so different now. Some even advised her that plastic isn’t a good look.

After the atrocious plastic surgery she had, Carol Vorderman could not make excuses about her young looks like she did for her curves. Maybe that’s why she admitted to having Botox. When she was asked about her secret to looking young, she said that it was Botox. She went on to say that it was not much of a secret because everyone does it.

Name me a person over the age of 50 on the telly that doesn’t do it? It’s quite funny you know, because when you talk about it to people in the industry they go, ‘Yeah, and then it’s like, and?’

However, it’s not escaped people’s notice that Carol Vorderman has not said anything about fillers, a nose job, and a facelift even though she has that waxy complexion that fillers cause, a much slimmer and a different nose than before, and an upward-pulled face that does not sag like it used to. Her face is now a more oval shape which is likely due to a facelift. But as far as she is concerned, she has never had these plastic surgery procedures.

We might never get the truth about what plastic surgery she has had to look young and for those curves, but we can get opinions from an expert. When consultant aesthetician Sadaf Jaffari was asked for her verdict on the star’s current look, the facial and body contouring expert said that she could see clear suggestions of nose jobs, tucks, fillers, and boob jobs along with Botox.

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