Casemiro’s Botched Nose Job Is Similar to That of Michael Jackson!

Derick Scholz

Casemiro's nose job hasn't gone too well for him. – Casemiro has obviously had a nose job and as per many of his fans, not a very good one. The footballer used to have a prominently wide nose bridge whereas now, he has a prominently pinched nose bridge which makes it look narrower than before. Casemiro’s nose job has been said to be reminiscent of the one that Michael Jackson had. 

Casemiro has established himself in the football world with his defensive abilities, tough tackling, ball-winning skills, and excellent positional sense. Widely regarded as one of the best defensive midfielders of his generation, he currently plays as a defensive midfielder for Premier League Club Manchester United and captains the Brazil national team as well. He started his career with Sao Paulo and rose through the ranks and played for other renowned clubs such as Real Madrid and Manchester United to be one of the greatest.

Casemiro who has been a full international player since 2011 has won numerous titles for Real Madrid including three FIFA Club World Cups, three La Liga titles, three UEFA Super Cups, three Supercopa de España, one Copa del Rey, and five UEFA Champions Leagues. He also won the EFL Cup for Manchester United in his first season there. He was notably a part of Brazil’s team at the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups and at the four Copa America tournaments. They won the 2019 Copa America and were the runners-up of the 2021 edition. Anyway, pretend it’s the perfect segway how this article goes on to discuss his nose job!

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Casemiro Before and After Nose Job: Why Did He Get Plastic Surgery on His Nose?

Casemiro (@casemiro) has absolutely had a nose job and he may deny it but people who have seen him cannot because you would have to be blind not to notice that he has undergone some plastic surgery.

Casemiro has gotten a nose job to supposedly make it narrower. houseandwhips.comCasemiro has gotten a nose job to supposedly make it narrower.
Image Source: Sky Sports

I would have thought that if anyone among the public figures is immune to the pressure of looking perfect and getting plastic surgery in order to obtain a conventionally desired look, it would be sports players because they, by virtue of being in sports, are considered cool which is an asset for social life, if I hadn’t ever come to know that cosmetic surgery is very normal among them as well. Just look at Casemiro’s nose job for example!

He is such a brilliant player and loved for his game. Nobody ever judged him based on his looks. It was his defensive skills that took him to height and if, at times, he would go through some lows, it would be the fault in his game due to some reasons. His appearance has no bearing on his career or his popularity. Yet, somehow he fell for the plastic surgery trend, didn’t he? Why? Is it because of the online trolls who mock his looks? But they are negligible in their numbers and could have been avoided. Why did he feel the need to have a nose job?

Okay, so Casemiro isn’t the most conventionally attractive man. He isn’t square-jawed and overtly muscular like a typical Hollywood hunk. And he doesn’t have a perfect nose. But he is one of the finest sportsmen and plays for Manchester United. That automatically puts him above even the most handsome men in terms of social strata. What could plastic surgery get for him that he already didn’t have? You know, aside from the desired looks. It’s unfortunate that he felt the need to change his face and even more tragic is his nose job.

Casemiro looked better before he had the rhinoplasty and oh, yeah, he got the rhinoplasty which he shouldn’t have because it has gone botched. He had a bulbous and big nose with a notably wide bridge and sure, that kind of nose isn’t considered to be aesthetic but it was in harmony with his other facial features and he looked fine. He really didn’t have to slim down his nose but whatever, that’s his choice and people don’t have a say in it if he wants to have plastic surgery. But they do have opinions about his nose job and they are not good ones.

What Do Fans Think About Casemiro’s Nose Job?

Casemiro's fans do not like how he looks after the nose job. houseandwhips.comCasemiro’s fans do not like how he looks after the nose job.
Image Source: The Athletic

He seems to have had his nose operated on to make it slimmer and it has gotten narrower but his nose bridge looks weird. Many people have said that his nose, not the tip, looks too pointy and pinched and that it is not an improvement on how it looked before. Let’s look at what fans have said about Casemiro‘s nose job. [Spoiler alert: Don’t expect sugar-coated words]

He definitely looked better before. New nose doesn’t fit and like a lot of nose jobs, it looks pinched and abnormal.

A Reddit user compared his nose to that of Michael Jackson‘s.

Absolutely I’ve noticed that [nose job] too it resembles MJ’s nose of the 1986 era you can see the indentations on the sides of he’s nostrils where they pinch the skin to make it more narrow.

Casemiro, as people who aren’t even into sports noticed, has had too many plastic surgery procedures and it’s not just the nose job that went botched.

2022 chiming in… i honestly had no-idea who this guy was (i’m not the biggest soccer fan). But when I saw this face I immediately thought: “he should demand a refund from his surgeon” Totally botched this guy… eyes are sewn too tight, nose is a mess (they gave him the MJ special), teeth probably fake too/same with dimples. He seems young, but looks ten years older than he probably is. Maybe it is more common for men to also get botched surgeries because it’s Brazil!? (pure speculation on my part)