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On March 22, 2023 By Urban

Matt Damon’s Plastic Surgery: Did The Actor Get Botox and a Facelift to Look Young? Did He Also Get a Nose Job?

Matt Damon’s plastic surgery speculations have started following the press he has been doing for his upcoming film Air. Because...
On March 21, 2023 By Sharon

Did Melanie Martinez Get Plastic Surgery? What’s Up With Her New Look? Did The Singer Get a Nose Job and Lip Fillers?

Did Melanie Martinez get plastic surgery? Fans wonder every time she comes under the spotlight or sports a new look....
On March 21, 2023 By Rachel

Nicholas Craft’s Weight Loss: How Did He Lose 365 Pounds in Less Than Four Years? Check Out His Diet and Workout Routine!

Nicholas Craft underwent an incredible weight loss transformation of 365 pounds in less than four years. The Mississippi native weighed...
On March 21, 2023 By Harvey

Claudia Fogarty’s Weight Loss: How Did The Love Island UK Star Lose 3 Stones?

Claudia Fogarty underwent a weight loss transformation of 3 stones. The Love Island UK star let herself go after a...
On March 20, 2023 By Urban

Questlove’s Girlfriend: Is The Musician Single? Or Does He Have a Wife? Who is Grace Harry?

Is Questlove single? Or is he married and he has a wife? Or does he have a girlfriend he’s dating?...
On March 20, 2023 By Sharon

Michelle Yeoh’s Siblings: Does The Actress Have a Brother or a Sister? Or Does She Have Both?

‘Does Michelle Yeoh have siblings?’ There’s not much information about it but some outlets have written that she does have...
On March 19, 2023 By Rachel

Has Lulu Had Plastic Surgery? Or Is The Secret of Her Youthful Looks Just Her Skincare Like She Says? She Once Admitted to Having Botox!

Has Lulu had plastic surgery? Well, the Scottish singer hasn’t admitted that she has gotten anything but people suspect that...
On March 19, 2023 By Harvey

Traci Melchor’s Plastic Surgery: Did The Television Personality Have Botox, a Facelift, and Lip Fillers?

Traci Melchor is believed to have undergone plastic surgery procedures in order to get a more refined and polished look....
On March 18, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Cat and Nat’s Weight Loss: Check Out Their Journey with the Weight Watchers and Check Out Their Diet and Workout Routine!

Cat and Nat have undergone weight loss since they first broke out into the online world. Cat tried various diets...
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