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On December 5, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Zooey Deschanel Wouldn't Get Plastic Surgery or Would She?

Zooey Deschanel has ruined her face with plastic surgery is what her fans think. They were fine with her nose...
On December 5, 2023 By Urban

Natalie Portman Can Never Evade Plastic Surgery Speculations!

Natalie Portman is never going to evade plastic surgery speculations because she has a very stunning and perfect face and...
On December 4, 2023 By Sharon

Is Ross Noble’s Weight Gain Related to His Health Issues?

Many of Ross Noble's admirers are concerned about his recent weight gain. They are worried if his transformation has anything...
On December 4, 2023 By Rachel

Charles Melton Had To Have Weight Gain For May December!

Charles Melton underwent a weight gain of 40 pounds to play the role of Joe, a suburban man, in May...
On December 4, 2023 By Harvey

Did Gary Oldman Gain Weight For Slow Horses?

Did Gary Oldman have a weight gain for Slow Horses? Well, to portray the character of an unkempt and overweight...
On December 3, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Reason Behind Courteney Cox’s Botched Plastic Surgery!

Many fans believe Courteney Cox's numerous plastic surgery procedures botched her appearance. While she has been open about receiving anti-aging...
On December 3, 2023 By Urban

Julianna Margulies Doesn’t Look Natural After Plastic Surgery!

Julianna Margulies has recently been accused of undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures such as Botox and eyelid surgery. People believe...
On December 3, 2023 By Sharon

Seth MacFarlane Might Have Received Plastic Surgery to Look Younger!

Many people believe Seth MacFarlane, 50, has undergone plastic surgery procedures such as Botox and fillers. These injections tighten your...
On December 3, 2023 By Rachel

Shannen Doherty's Strong Distaste of Plastic Surgery!

Shannen Doherty is not very fond of plastic surgery and has expressed her distaste for Hollywood's obsession with Botox and...
On December 3, 2023 By Harvey

Giancarlo Esposito's Former Spouse Convinced Him to Audition for Breaking Bad!

Giancarlo Esposito does not have a spouse at the moment. The Breaking Bad star has four lovely daughters he dotes...
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