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On October 14, 2022 By Urban

Riley Burruss' Weight Loss: How Did Kandi Burruss' Daughter Lose Weight in 2022? Did She Have Surgery? Check Out the Before and After Pictures!

Riley Burruss, Kandi Burruss' daughter has stunned the viewers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta with her significant weight loss...
On October 14, 2022 By Sharon

Kendrick Perkins' Surgery: The Former NBA Star Tore His Chord Muscle and Had to Get Surgery to Fix It!

Kendrick Perkins recently underwent surgery following an injury that he suffered when he fell down at Petco. The former NBA...
On October 13, 2022 By Rachel

Kendrick Perkins' Wife and Son: Meet Vanity Perkins and Their Three Sons!

Kendrick Perkins is married to his wife Vanity Alpough Perkins and has three sons and a daughter with her. His...
On October 12, 2022 By Urban

Cassady McClincy's Weight Gain: Did The Actress Gain Weight? Is Lydia from The Walking Dead Pregnant?

Cassady McClincy's weight gain rumors have hit the internet following the release of the third part of Season 11 of...
On October 12, 2022 By Sharon

Bridget Moynahan's Plastic Surgery: Did Erin from Blue Bloods Get a Facelift? Fans Seek Before and After Pictures!

Bridget Moynahan is believed to have taken the aid of plastic surgery, a facelift, and other non-invasive procedures like laser...
On October 10, 2022 By Urban

Kelly Mi Li's Boyfriend: Who is The Bling Empire Cast Dating Now, As of 2022?

Kelly Mi Li revealed that she is dating her new beau currently, as of 2022, in Season 3 of Bling...
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