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On March 7, 2022 By Rachel

Tiffani Faison's Weight Loss: Here's How the Chef Lost Over 15 lbs!

Tiffani Faison's weight loss journey of over 15 lbs is a story worth reading. Grab details of her diet plan...
On March 7, 2022 By Harvey

Is Cecily Strong Married? Relationship Status Breakdown!

Cecily Strong is not bound in a marital relationship but she does have a boyfriend, who she's yet not married...
On March 5, 2022 By Rachel

Is LaKeith Stanfield Gay? Homophobic Controversy Explained!

LaKeith Stanfield is not gay but he has a history of controversy with the gay community because of the degrading...
On March 5, 2022 By Harvey

Harald Sigurdsson's Wife: Everything You Need to Know!

Vikings: Valhalla showed the romance between Harald Sigurdsson and Freydis Eiriksdottir, which has left the viewers wondering if that part...
On March 4, 2022 By Urban

John Mulaney's Weight Gain Following Rehab: All the Facts Here!

John Mulaney's weight gain is pretty evident in 2022. Previously, he got into rehab after he was excessively addicted to...
On March 3, 2022 By Sharon

Cecily Strong's Boyfriend: Who is the SNL Alum Dating in 2022?

Cecily Strong is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Jack who she met at a Christmas party in 2019....
On March 2, 2022 By Rachel

Miranda Lambert's Weight Gain in 2022: Everything You Need to Know!

Miranda Lambert's weight gain is currently trending on the internet. She had always struggled with her weight which was always...
On March 2, 2022 By Harvey

SNL: Cecily Strong's Weight Gain & Pregnant Rumors Explained!

Cecily Strong has once again been plagued by pregnancy speculations preceded by observations of weight gain. The SNL star has...
On February 28, 2022 By Sharon

Down Syndrome Model: Sofia Jirau's Plastic Surgery & Victoria's Secret Update!

After becoming Victoria's Secret's first-ever model with down syndrome, Sofia Jirau has been accused of doing plastic surgery. Has she...
On February 25, 2022 By Harvey

Marilu Henner's Plastic Surgery: Facelift & Botox Injections!

Marilu Henner is speculated to have undergone plastic surgery procedures, notably facelift and Botox injected into her forehead, thanks to...
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