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On September 26, 2023 By Urban

Did Tim McGraw Have Plastic Surgery? Details on Botox and Facelift!

Tim McGraw has been suspected of receiving plastic surgery to eliminate the signs of aging. He is rumored to have...
On September 26, 2023 By Sharon

Has Paul Wesley Received a Nose Job?

There have been rumors and suspicions regarding Paul Wesley's looks, especially a prospective nose job. Many assume he underwent a...
On September 26, 2023 By Rachel

Emilie Ullerup Weight Gain: Is She Pregnant? Did She Have a Baby?

Every time Emilie Ullerup makes media appearances or every time her movie releases, the discussion about her weight gain takes...
On September 26, 2023 By Harvey

Ryan Day Plastic Surgery: Has He Had Fillers and a Facelift?

Ryan Day appears to have had plastic surgery is what people have been saying after his recent appearance. The football...
On September 25, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Nick Frost Weight Loss: How Much Does He Weigh Now?

Nick Frost recently disclosed he had undergone 6 stone of weight loss. He started to take his health seriously after...
On September 25, 2023 By Urban

Fleur East Weight Gain: She Looks Changed Than Before!

Many people believe Fleur East has undergone weight gain compared to her appearance in X Factor. She looks very fit...
On September 25, 2023 By Sharon

Jenna Coleman Nose Job: Has She Had Rhinoplasty?

Jenna Coleman definitely has one of the cutest noses in the entertainment industry and people can't help but think she...
On September 25, 2023 By Rachel

Marina Abramovic Plastic Surgery: She Is Into Lasers!

Marina Abramovic is not the one to get afraid of what aging brings but she is also not the one...
On September 24, 2023 By Harvey

Junior H Weight Loss: What's The Secret of His Transformation?

Junior H has been revealed to have undergone a dramatic weight loss in his ongoing Sad Boyz Tour. The singer...
On September 24, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Lance Bass Plastic Surgery: His Nose Looks Different!

Lance Bass has been suspected of receiving plastic surgery, a nose job to be precise. However, the singer has never...
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