Caylee Cooper’s Weight Loss: The Oregon-Based Woman Lost 80 Pounds in 8 Months!


Caylee Cooper’s Weight Loss: The Oregon-Based Woman Lost 80 Pounds in 8 Months!

Caylee Cooper has undergone over 80 pounds of weight loss in less than 8 months after years of unsuccessful diets and body-image issues. The Oregon-based woman implemented the macro plan with the help of her personal trainer, starting a new exercise regimen and diet that included all the foods she likes to eat, which helped her stay motivated.

Losing weight takes time and dedication, but most importantly, discipline. The hard work does not end when you reach your goal; you must work just as hard to keep it. It is estimated that approximately 80% of people who have lost a significant amount of body fat will not be able to maintain their shape for more than a year.

Caylee Cooper of Oregon is one woman who is committed to maintaining her weight loss. After years of failed diets and feeling insecure about her body, the bodybuilder was able to lose significantly of her weight but didn’t have to give up any of her favorite foods. So, how did she do it? Let’s have a detailed look at her transformation.

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Caylee Cooper Has Undergone Over 80 Pounds of Weight Loss in Less Than 8 Months After Years of Unsuccessful Diets and Body-Image Issues Without Giving up Any of Her Favorite Foods!

Caylee Cooper has achieved her weight loss goal after months of sacrifice and hard work, and she can’t believe she finally got her dream body after losing 80 pounds of her extra fats in less than 8 months without following any diet. Likely, the Oregon-based woman has now taken on another, even bigger challenge, a bodybuilding competition, inspired by her results.

Caylee Cooper before and after weight loss.

Caylee Cooper before and after weight loss.
Source: Newsweek

Talking about Caylee Cooper’s weight loss journey,  she told Newsweek that after several unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, things changed last May when a friend challenged her to a viral 75-day fitness challenge in which she had to exercise twice a day and drink a gallon of water, which gave her the discipline she needed to start her own diet.

And after successfully completing her viral challenge, the woman from Oregon decided to keep going in order to finally achieve the shape she’d desired her entire life. So, with the assistance of her personal trainer, she began a new workout routine and a new diet that included all of the foods she enjoys eating, making it easier for her to stay focused on her goal. She stated,

My trainer put me on what’s called a macro plan, where you keep count of all the nutrients you have throughout the day. You can use any kind of app like My Fitness Pal, where you put your food in, or you can even scan the barcode, and it’ll count your macros for you, and by the end of the day, it’ll give you a list of how much you’ve had. For instance, [my personal trainer] started me off on 180 grams of protein a day, 160 grams of carbs a day, and 60 grams of fat a day. So I pretty much could eat what I wanted to eat as long as by the end of the day I hit those numbers.

According to Tara Bassi, nutritionist and health writer at the Botanical Institute, counting macros is a better version of counting calories because it promotes consuming a healthy balance of all the macronutrients your body requires and is tailored to the individual. She said:

Counting macros is a good option if you want to make sure you are eating a sufficient amount and meeting your macronutrients based on your specific health goals, such as muscle building, weight loss, or weight gain. For instance, if you are aiming to build muscle mass, you may have a greater need for protein, therefore counting your macros can help you reach this goal.

However, she cautioned that counting macros may not be for everyone because it requires weighing and measuring every ounce of food consumed, making it unsuitable for people who have an unhealthy relationship with food because it can lead to food fixation.

Caylee Cooper's latest appearance.

Caylee Cooper’s latest appearance.
Source: Newsweek

According to Medical News Today, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to macronutrient counting; rather, each individual requires a different amount of nutrients based on their age, weight range, gender, and level of activity. It implies that counting macros has some advantages, such as preventing health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as assisting people in maintaining a healthy weight and reaching fitness goals. While macro counting may benefit some people, others, such as those with a history of eating disorders, should avoid it because it may lead to more disordered eating.

Another significant aspect of Caylee Cooper’s weight loss journey was the emotional support she received from her friends and family, most notably from her partner, with whom she regularly works out and who encourages her to give her all every day.