SNL: Cecily Strong’s Weight Gain & Pregnant Rumors Explained!


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SNL: Cecily Strong's Weight Gain & Pregnant Rumors Explained!

Cecily Strong has once again been plagued by pregnancy speculations preceded by observations of weight gain. The SNL star has not responded to those baseless assumptions claiming she’s had weight gain. Some fans wonder about the pregnant commercial, too. Meanwhile, Cecily Strong recently opened up about a previous pregnancy and the abortion she had just the day before her 23rd birthday.

Cecily Strong is an American actress and comedian who is widely known and loved for the skits she does as a cast member in Saturday Night Live. She has been a part of SNL since 2012 and for her work in it, has been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series at the 72nd and 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards.

Most recently, Cecily appeared in an Apple TV+ musical comedy series Schmigadoon!, which premiered on July 16, 2021, which she also produced. She also published her first book, a memoir titled This Will All Be Over Soon in 2021. Lately, she has been topping the Google search list not because of her show or her memoir but because of her weight gain.

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Cecily Strong’s Weight Gain and Following Pregnancy Speculations!

If there’s one thing that is forever going to follow Cecily Strong (@cecilystrong) like a shadow, it is the observation of weight gain and subsequent pregnancy speculations – though she may like it or not, and no, she doesn’t like it.

She has called out people who have been incessantly asking if Cecily was pregnant, which is their usual go-to question once they notice even the slightest change in her body, multiple times but to no avail, for they never learn and keep repeating those questions always, and speculations about her pregnancy keep circulating forever.

Every time you search for anything about Cecily, ‘is Cecily Strong pregnant’ tops the list of Goggle searches about her. So, it cannot be a surprise to anyone when I tell you that Cecily has once again been noticed having ‘weight gain’ (some fans argue that she looks a little bigger while some claim that they haven’t noticed anything like that) and assumed to be pregnant.

Cecily hasn’t addressed these speculations because just how many times is she going to do that. She has a record number of pregnancy rumors flying in her name and this one’s just the latest.

Plus looking at the past, we are certain the latest is not going to be the last. Until Cecily herself acknowledges those speculations and confirms or denies it, we cannot say for sure if she is actually carrying a baby.

While she has not spoken about her recent pregnancy rumors, Cecily Strong has opened up about a previous pregnancy. A controversial law was passed in the state of Texas, according to which, women are not allowed to terminate their pregnancy after six weeks.

She has condemned it in an SNL skit during the Weekend Update segment in November 2021. In the sketch, she played Goober the Clown who opened up about the abortion she had the day before her 23rd birthday.

Discussing the origins of the character she played in the skit, in an interview with The View, Cecily Strong shared that the story of Goober was inspired by her real-life experience.

When the clown said that she wouldn’t have been a clown on television if it wasn’t for the abortion she had when she was almost 23, it was not just the clown speaking but it was also Cecily Strong. She expressed her thought via the sketch that abortion should be safe, legal, and accessible.

Speaking of her weight gain, Cecily Strong has an enviable hourglass figure which she is always trying to maintain by eating healthy and working out. But she is one of those people whose weight is not that stable and keeps fluctuating. Her weight normally ranges from 55 kgs to 65 kgs.

She once revealed that she has been slightly hypoglycemic since she was a kid. So, she has to consume sugar while staying healthy which could be one of the contributing factors in the gain of her ever-fluctuating weight.

Cecily Strong also divulged that during the off-season when she is not working on SNL, she strays from her usual workout, so it’s hard for her to be healthy and maintain her weight during such times. So, when she is on SNL after vacation, she sometimes can appear a little bigger.

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