Chaeryeong’s Plastic Surgery: Has the Itzy Lead Singer Undergone Any Cosmetic Enhancement?


Chaeryeong’s Plastic Surgery: Has the Itzy Lead Singer Undergone Any Cosmetic Enhancement?

Chaeryeong, a Kpop idol who debuted with JYP Entertainment’s girl group Itzy, is the latest topic of plastic surgery on the internet. Fans allege that she now appears entirely different based on her recent appearances in interviews and on social media. They accuse her of having plastic surgery, but Chaeryeong refuses all of these allegations.

Lee Chaeryeong is a South Korean citizen and was born on June 5, 2001, in Yongin, South Korea. She is a Gemini by birth sign. She is a dancer, singer, rapper, and member of the South Korean girl group ITZY, for which she is most known.

Chaeryeong was reared with her older sister Chaeyeon, a singer who is currently a member of the girl group IZONE and was originally signed to JYP Entertainment, and her younger sister Chaemin.

Although she is very private about her parents, it is known that they were middle-class and that they worked most of the time. As a result, Chaeryeong spent much of her time with her sisters and their babysitter.

When she was in elementary school, she had a passion for dance, and her parents enrolled her at the Kyw Dance School. She went there before transferring to the Hanlim Multi Art School, where she honed her acting and singing talents.

She was 13 years old when a scout for JYP Entertainment first noticed her, and after going to her first audition, she was accepted as a trainee. In February 2019, when she joined JYP’s girl group ITZY, she officially began her singing career.

The singer is caught up in the rumors about whether she underwent any plastic surgery or not. She hasn’t addressed any stories related to plastic surgery. Read this article to find out if Chaeryeong underwent any plastic surgery treatments.

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Has the Lead Vocalist for Itzy, Chaeryeong, Had Any Plastic Surgery Enhancements?

Chaeryeong allegedly underwent plastic surgery, according to internet speculations, but she hasn’t responded to them. Many claims that Chaeryeong’s improved appearance after joining ITZY ( is the product of plastic surgery, however, it is well known that JYP Entertainment forbids its rookie artists from getting this type of procedure, therefore it would seem that she is all-natural.

Many of her followers think she wasn’t pretty before she joined Itzy. They speculate that plastic surgery is to blame. JYP Entertainment forbids Rookie Artists from having any type of surgery. Therefore, the speculations concerning Itzy’s lead dancer are untrue.

To promote their comeback single Sneakers, Chaeryeong and two other members of her group, Yeji and Yuna, appeared on tvN’s Amazing Saturday on July 16. MC Boom presented Chaeryeong, saying he heard ITZY has Little Kim Dong-Hyun. She was astonished and stated that she had not rearranged that area.

Kim-Dong Hyun admitted that he repositioned the fat around his eyes during the cosmetics introduction session. The phrase Little Kim Dong-Hyun startled Chaeryeong. She later denied getting cosmetic surgery. After she was startled, MC Boom reassured her that it was not like that to calm her down.

It appears that Itzy’s Chaeryeong appearance before and after her debut looked different due to her weight loss. We are all aware that K-pop stars must adhere to a strict diet plan to keep their weight in check. Since her days as a trainee, Chaeryeong has adhered to a strict eating regimen.

She and Ryujin discussed some of their past dieting experiences from their days as trainees in the 2TZY: Hello 2021 YouTube video. Itzy’s been on a diet every day of the year as a trainee, unlike many idols who only go on diets before their comebacks or other activities.

We are aware of Itzy’s demanding choreography, and their daily rehearsal sessions can go up to two hours. That appears to be her weight-loss secret, even with the rigorous diet. Her preferred foods at her first V Live, which took place months after their release, are corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and chestnuts.

The 21-year-old artist has a sizable fan base who thinks she is considerably prettier now than when she first made her public debut. People refuse to believe she hasn’t had cosmetic surgery and argue that her change is too dramatic to be natural, but Chaeryeong denies all such claims.

Chaeryeong Discusses Her Decision Not to Get a Tan Like the Other Itzy Members

Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope featured ITZY’s Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna as guests on its July 19th broadcast. Ryujin said that when he looks at thumbnails, one individual sticks out and that’s Chaeryeong because of her fair skin and because of how white she is.

Yeji went on to claim that he had gotten more sunburnt than he had anticipated this year since she had been standing next to Chaeryeong on Music Bank. As Lia asserted, she made Chaeryeong shine like a star in the Night Sky. The singer remarked:

I was thinking about tanning when I debuted, but Lia told me, ‘If you tan, you’ll become someone who’s not pale or not sexy. You’ll just be ambiguously in the middle.’ I’m grateful when I think about it now.

Yeji and Yuna remarked that Lia is good at giving advice on what the members should wear.

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