Chanel West Coast’s Weight Gain: Has The Former Ridiculousness Co-Host Gained Weight?


Chanel West Coast's Weight Gain: Has The Former Ridiculousness Co-Host Gained Weight?

Chanel West Coast has sparked weight gain speculations after she recently came into the spotlight following her announcement that she was quitting Ridiculousness. Fans noticed that she looked a lot bigger and was surprised to see that she looked a little bit fat because they were so used to her looking skinny. As it turns out, Chanel West Coast’s body has changed as a result of her post-pregnancy weight gain.

There’s no chance that you haven’t watched MTV’s Ridiculousness and if you have watched the comedy clip show, there’s no way you don’t know Chanel West Coast. Did you hear that she’s quitting the show? She has co-hosted the viral clip show alongside Rob Dyrdek and Sterling “Steelo” Brim for 30 seasons since 2011 and now she’s no longer going to be in it.

People are a little unsettled that she is no longer going to be a part of it after hosting it for more than a decade now. They are also unsettled by how bigger she looks now. Yes, she has undergone weight gain and her fans are surprised to see her new body because they were used to her being skinny. This has sparked a lot of curiosity regarding how she gained all that weight. Let’s learn more about Chanel West Coast’s weight gain!

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Chanel West Coast’s Weight Gain: Fans Think the Television Personality Has Gotten a Bit Fat; They Wonder Why!

All eyes are on Chanel West Coast (@chanelwestcoast) now because she recently announced that she was exiting Ridiculousness and that she signed a deal with Paramount Media Networks to executive produce, create, and star in her own unscripted series. With her in the spotlight because of this latest development, people have noticed that she has gotten a bit bigger. There’s a prominent weight gain right there and fans want to know more about it.

Well, if you weren’t aware, then Chanel West Coast gave birth to her first child – a beautiful baby girl – just about five months ago. And weight gain might be something to do with that. It certainly is, I mean. She just delivered a whole human from her body. You can’t expect her to come out of pregnancy intact. Her body is obviously going to change, her weight is definitely going to increase.

Chanel West Coast looks bigger now as a result of her post-pregnancy weight gain.

Chanel West Coast looks bigger now as a result of her post-pregnancy weight gain.
Image Source: Hollywood Life

Chanel West Coast, via an Instagram post, shared that she had her baby girl after ‘many many hours of labor’ and ‘a few complications.’ She also said that experience was ‘one of the most scariest’ as well as ‘the most rewarding day of her life so far.’ Not very rewarding when you think of her weight, but don’t think about it. Not that people can help it now that she’s in the limelight again. Anyway, she had a weight gain.

But she seems to be doing perfectly well, which is to say, Chanel West Coast isn’t bothered by her weight gain as much as some of her fans seem to be. She has accepted everything that changed in her after her postpartum. Her visibly much bigger body as well. Though there was a time when she was obsessed with staying fit, she is in no hurry because she understands that her body’s been through a lot and is trying to understand the needs of her body.

In fact, Chanel West Coast has learned to appreciate her body even more after she gave birth. She didn’t really know what to expect after she had to have a C-section and initially had trouble with her scar. And she also didn’t like how big her stomach looked because she always had a pretty flat stomach and it was just taking a lot longer to go down. She didn’t like that weight gain.

Chanel West Coast has learned to accept her new body after weight gain.

Chanel West Coast has learned to accept her new body after weight gain.
Image Source: Us Weekly

But several weeks passed and Chanel West Coast started to be easier on herself and adjusted to her new body after post-pregnancy weight gain. Though by her own admission, it was a little bit of a struggle because it was not the exact body she was used to before she was pregnant, now, there has been a shift in her perspective. Now, she looks back at pictures from when she was skinny and she just can’t believe that she thought she was fat with that body because only recently she had a noticeable weight gain.

But, being fat and having scars and having weight gain does not worry her anymore as Chanel West Coast has learned to accept her body the way it is.

My body’s not going to be where I wanted it to be and that’s okay. I had a great body and I think that after being pregnant, you appreciate your body so much more. You realize that this body just made a human and I’m just happy that she came out healthy and happy. I don’t think that any scar matters when you have this beautiful little child to look at every day.