Channique Sterling-Brown’s Weight Loss: Has Dee-Dee From Coronation Street Lost Weight?


Channique Sterling-Brown's Weight Loss: Has Dee-Dee From Coronation Street Lost Weight?

Channique Sterling-Brown is believed by fans to have undergone a slight weight loss. Dee-Dee from Coronation Street was not very overweight to begin with, she was just not conventionally slim. Nobody ever said anything to the effect of ‘Dee-Dee from Coronation Street needs to lose weight.’ Not much attention was paid to her size except now when people suspect that Channique Sterling-Brown looks slimmer in her pictures leading everyone to think she has had a slight weight loss.

Channique Sterling-Brown shot to fame in 2019 when she took the TV cobbles by storm when she was cast in Coronation Street as Dee-Dee Bailey. As she was introduced on the show as the newly arrived daughter of the soap’s first black family, she was met with warms of welcome who called her a ‘breath of fresh air.’ She nailed the role of the fun-loving solicitor and was praised for her performance in bringing such a joyous character to life with perfection.

It seemed like her performance overshadowed everything and she was just Dee-Dee from Coronation Street to a lot of viewers. However, that does not seem to be the case as the discussion about Sterling-Brown’s weight loss is slowly taking over the internet. Her weight was never remarked upon but now, after some followers perceived the slightest change in her weight, all they can talk about is how she must have lost weight. Let’s talk about Channique Sterling-Brown’s weight loss!

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Dee-Dee Coronation Street Weight Loss: Fans Believe Channique Sterling-Brown Looks Slimmer Than Before!

Channique Sterling-Brown (@channiquesb) has sparked rumors about her weight loss with some of the pictures she posted on her Instagram account. Dee-Dee from Coronation Street, fans believe, seems as though she could have lost a few pounds because she has been looking slimmer than before.

When Channique Sterling-Brown first got cast as Dee-Dee Bailey on Coronation Street, people immediately fell in love with the actress. They found her beautiful, they found her charismatic, and they found her powerful, and very impactful. Everyone was praising how it was a great casting because they couldn’t imagine anyone else playing that empowered woman. She had the strength it takes to play that kind of role, fans said.

Channique Sterling-Brown is believed to have had a weight loss.
houseandwhips.comChannique Sterling-Brown is believed to have had a weight loss.
Image Source: Metro UK

All the talks about Channique Sterling-Brown were about her acting skills and not any comments were made about her weight. Not that it’s a bad thing but you would think from that piece of history that she would never make it to people’s conversation with her weight because she just seemed average size. A bit busty and chubby and not the conventional slim girl that people expect women in the entertainment world to be. But that’s all. People didn’t ever talk about how Dee-Dee from Coronation Street was ‘fat’ and how she could have some weight loss.

I repeat that nothing about her weight was remarked upon because Channique Sterling-Brown was average-sized. She wasn’t stick-thin and she looked healthy at her size. And she does not look much different now than she did three years ago. So, it was a bit unexpected when Dee-Dee from Coronation Street and her weight loss began to trend on the internet. It was surprising that the viewers of the show had arrived at the conclusion that she had lost weight just by observing a few of her pictures.

Just in some of her recent pictures and just from certain angles, it seemed as though Channique Sterling-Brown was less heavy than she was before. It could be her choice of outfits as well that made her look slim because there were some photos of her where she looked the same as she did three years ago. But Coronation Street viewers didn’t stop to consider that. They all hopped on the internet googling Dee-Dee’s weight loss, afraid that they might have missed something.

Channique Sterling-Brown has talked about facing racism after she started to play Dee-Dee in Coronation Street. houseandwhips,com
Channique Sterling-Brown has talked about facing racism after she started to play Dee-Dee in Coronation Street.
Image Source: Manchester Evening News

However, there’s a possibility that Channique Sterling-Brown has not had weight loss. Even if she did, it’s not very noticeable and people could only be making a big deal about some routine weight fluctuation. Besides, the choice of the slimming outfits could have made her appear slightly lighter but there’s no conversation there. Dee-Dee from Coronation Street always looked healthy at her size and she still does too.

Besides, the actress herself has not responded to people’s curiosity regarding her weight and she has never talked about her weight. So, a low chance that Channique Sterling-Brown is going to clarify on perceived weight loss of hers. One of the things she has talked about publicly when it comes to people’s perception of her as an individual is her getting racist comments online.

Ever since she started playing Dee-Dee in Coronation Street, she has been subjected to racism like never before. There were more comments (mostly derogatory) about her color and race than they were about her weight. She is one of the members of the soap’s first black family but did it matter anyway when you are not being celebrated and instead of that, you are just harassed and abused online every day just because you are black?

In an interview with The Sun, Channique Sterling-Brown said,

The majority of people online have been so supportive and positive, but unfortunately there has been some negativity and a bit of racism. There was some really awful stuff suggesting I’m part of some ‘black supremacy’ movement, which was just wild, and Twitter did actually take it down. But there were quite a few comments suggesting I’d been cast to tick a ‘diversity check box’ and that it was ridiculous and overly PC for me to be in the show. Which was strange to me, considering Dee-Dee’s presence brings the grand total of black women on the street to two.