Chelsea Clinton’s Plastic Surgery: Has The Writer Had Cosmetic Surgery? Look at the Before and After Pictures!


Chelsea Clinton's Plastic Surgery: Has The Writer Had Cosmetic Surgery? Look at the Before and After Pictures!

Chelsea Clinton’s plastic surgery speculations started again following the release of her new docuseries Gutsy. The author is believed to have had a nose job, lip fillers, veneers, chin implants, and Botox.  Chelsea Clinton has never admitted to any of these plastic surgery speculations and she once denied having her chin fixed. 

Chelsea Clinton is an American writer and global health advocate. She is also the former First Daughter of the United States of America, the only child of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

She served as a special correspondent for NBC News from 2011 to 2014 and currently works with the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative, including taking a prominent role at the foundation with a seat on its board.

She recently came out with a television series Gutsy with her mother Hilary Clinton which has put her in the spotlight. So, the rumors of her having gone under the knife that had started many years ago once again sparked. Let’s learn more about Chelsea Clinton’s plastic surgery!

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Has Chelsea Clinton Had Plastic Surgery? Speculations of Botox, a Nose Job, Lip Fillers, Veneers, and Chin Implants!

Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) is suspected of having undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures including a nose job, lip fillers, veneers, chin implants, and Botox.

With the release of Gutsy docuseries on Apple TV+, the mother-daughter duo Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton have come under the spotlight. And as for Chelsea, you can’t ever look at her without recalling what she used to look like, and then comparing that to what she looks like now, and speculating plastic surgery.

A comparison of Chelsea Clinton’s pictures from back when she was a teenager with her recent pictures shows a lot of changes, all of which are not just growing up but plastic surgery done as well. Like in her childhood pictures, she had a very large nose with a bumpy and wide nasal bridge whereas now, she has a very much smaller nose with a much narrower nasal bridge. Her nose tip also seems to be a bit elevated and refined.

According to Dr. Walden, a Manhattan-based plastic surgeon, Chelsea Clinton had a nose job and her nose job appeared to have been a very conservative one that removed the bump from the bridge of her nose, slimmed her nasal bones somewhat, and refined the tip to make it look less bulbous or droopy.

The author also is thought to have had lip fillers because only that could explain the disappearing gummy smile. Chelsea Clinton used to have a gummy smile. This usually happens when the upper lip is shorter than the lower one. But now, her characteristic gum-exposing smile of hers seems to have faded away and people think it’s because of plastic surgery.

Experts believe that Chelsea Clinton got some soft tissue fillers in her upper lip to make it big enough to cover up her gums. They think that she never intended to enlarge her lips with the fillers, just wanted to do away with her gummy smile.

Another plastic surgery Chelsea Clinton is believed to have is chin augmentation. Back when she was a teenager, her chin looked very big and wide but as time went on, she developed this perfect, much narrower and smaller chin. It looks much more proportional to her face and gives her a more feminine look. Plus, she has attained a stronger jawline than she had before. All these changes have led to speculations of chin implants.

Chelsea Clinton also supposedly had veneers. She used to have a very crooked dental alignment so she got braces which seemed to have done the perfect work of straightening her teeth. But she was not satisfied with that, it seems like. She now got a much brighter set of teeth and many have attributed her new set of pearly teeth to veneers.

The former First Daughter also is suspected of having Botox injections because she has crossed her 40th year but her face is yet to show wrinkles and lines.  Her forehead and her face are too smooth and flawless for it to be natural is what people believe. So, they think she went for anti-wrinkle plastic surgery.

So, Chelsea Clinton is suspected of having tons of plastic surgery but she has never admitted to one. In fact, she has even denied some of them. It was a big deal when she responded to cosmetic surgery claims back in October 2018. A conservative author Janie Johnson retweeted a statement that claimed that Chelsea had once said that she was more beautiful and educated than Ivanka Trump.

The author further went on to mock Chelsea Clinton for boasting of such a thing when she herself had plastic surgery to fix her chin. Johnson tweeted,

Liberal boasting? Who’d thunk it? @ChelseaClinton did have an awesome surgeon fix her chin tis true. 

Chelsea Clinton responded to that in a tweet of her own and denied having her chin fixed, where she wrote,

Hi Janie – 1) Never said that, which I imagine you know. 2) Since I was 11, people in public have said they think I’m ugly. I would never comment on relative beauty. It’s gross. 3) My chin is the one I was born with, just 38 years later. 4) Hope you & yours have a beautiful day.

Chelsea was also once compared to a donkey and she responded to the insult by thanking the person that made the comparison for the ‘compliment.’ She wrote in a tweet,

Hi James! Donkeys are known for their independence, intelligence & persistence and horses for their speed, perceptiveness & memory. I’m flattered by the compliment, thank you!

Not only Chelsea Clinton but makeup artist Robin Narvaez who has done her makeup for some special occasions has also denied plastic surgery on her behalf. Narvaez once said that Chelsea’s look isn’t the result of cosmetic surgery and explained that her nose and chin looked different because whoever did her makeup applied a highlighting concealer under her foundation which results in a sharper definition of both features.

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