How Many Times Has Cheryl Ladd Had Plastic Surgery?


Cheryl Ladd seems to have had lots of plastic surgery.

Cheryl Ladd looks like a plastic surgery disaster. The Charlie’s Angels star looks like a wax figure about to melt anytime soon and that’s why people think she has had too much Botox and fillers. She is also thought to have had an eyelid surgery, a nose job, and a facelift. Cheryl Ladd has never admitted to having plastic surgery.

Cheryl Ladd is forever going to be an iconic and very important figure in pop culture because of the one role she played that she is most recognized for. She played the role of Kris Munroe in the ABC television series Charlie’s Angels, joining the cast in its second season in 1977 to replace Farrah Fawcett-Majors and nothing she did has ever surpassed this.

Cheryl Ladd has also starred in Purple Hearts, Millennium, Poison Ivy, Permanent Midnight, and Unforgettable but because none of these movies are Charlie’s Angels, they do not come up when talking about her. Nowadays, the thing that comes up the most when the conversation comes to her is her plastic surgery because she has gotten to a point where you can’t really get over her look. Let’s talk about all the Botox injections and the numerous facelifts she had to have!

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Cheryl Ladd Before and After Plastic Surgery: She’s Gone Too Far with Her Cosmetic Treatments!

Cheryl Ladd‘s (@angelcherylladd) before and after pictures can be used to turn people off of plastic surgery because she is so botched she does not resemble a human anymore. She truly must regret every cosmetic procedure she has had which most likely includes Botox, a nose job, fillers, eyelid surgery, and a facelift.

Cheryl Ladd appears to have had tons of plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comCheryl Ladd appears to have had tons of plastic surgery.
Image Source: Closer Weekly

So, Ladd just made her return to the screen with a Christmas movie. She starred in A Christmas for the Ages which aired three days ago on the new family network, Great American Family. The movie has been out for three days already but the viewers have not been able to get over Ladd’s face yet. They are still occupied by how terrible and distracting she looked in the movie. Social media, as you can tell, is abuzz with plastic surgery speculations about her.

It’s so unfortunate that Cheryl Ladd felt the pressure of looking youthful and succumbed to it because now, she looks beyond unrecognizable. She is so way past uncanny valley that it’s creepy to look at her because she doesn’t even look like a human. She looks like some creature masquerading as a human. Isn’t looking old so much better than that? In an attempt to escape aging and looking young, she ended up looking like an alien. She is now a plastic surgery disaster because that’s all everyone can talk about.

The Charlie’s Angels star was probably terrified of aging and worried that time would rob her of youthfulness when all along, she should have been terrified of cosmetic surgery and that it would rob her of her human-ness and should have been careful about it. Did she think that more plastic surgery meant more youthfulness because why didn’t she stop herself? She had to know that her face was melting, right? She should have known when to stop. If only she did, maybe we would be looking at an old but natural face.

Anyway, Cheryl Ladd didn’t know when to stop the cosmetic treatments and now, she looks the way she looks, stuck with the wax face she has now. She seems to have had every procedure there is. Botox, a nose job, fillers, a facelift, and eyelid surgery. Everything. You name it. She has had it. She seems to have loads of experience in plastic surgery but tragically, without the knowledge to recognize when’s too much.

What Plastic Surgery Has Cheryl Ladd Had?

Cheryl Ladd seems to have had Botox, fillers, a facelift, and more. houseandwhips.comCheryl Ladd seems to have had Botox, fillers, a facelift, and more.
Image Source: The US Sun

Ladd, by the looks of it, might have had Botox and fillers no less than a million times because look at how smooth, waxy, and pillowy she looks. She literally has no wrinkles and lines, and she has no skin texture at all. It makes her look as though she can be rubbed with an eraser because she does not look solid if that makes sense. But also maybe nobody would think to erase her because they would be worried that she will melt anytime soon. Plastic surgery did wonders on her.

Cheryl Ladd literally looks like she is going to melt. That’s how waxy and rubbery she looks. Maybe the only thing that’s gathering her face is that facelift. She does look tight and pulled back despite how all over her face is and it has to be that facelift, right? Because no way her face is staying on its own and not spilling without plastic surgery.

Also, what’s up with her eyes? She may have done something to them as well. People have speculated that she had eyelid surgery to get rid of her hooded lids and that might be it. Also, note that she has no crow’s feet around her eyes. It is definitely due to plastic surgery. She is also believed to have had a nose job but she always had a slim nose which does not look much different from before. Fans might be wrong about this one but they seemed to have hit the nail on the head with the rest of the speculations.

However, we can’t really say for sure because Cheryl Ladd has never come forward to admit that she has indeed had all the plastic surgery procedures she is suspected of having.