Chiquis Rivera’s Weight Loss: Did The Singer Have Gastric Sleeve Surgery in 2022?


Chiquis Rivera's Weight Loss: Did The Singer Have Gastric Sleeve Surgery in 2022?

Chiquis Rivera’s recent attendance at the 2022 Latin Grammy sparked curiosity about her weight loss. The singer got started on the journey to lose weight in 2014 and shed 30 pounds by avoiding white rice and chocolate and has kept on maintaining her weight loss and her body over the years by following a ketogenic diet. Chiquis Rivera also goes to the gym and follows a workout schedule. Some people suspect she has had gastric sleeve surgery.

Chiquis Rivera, the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera is an American singer and television personality who began her singing career in early 2014 when she released her first single Paloma Blanca as a tribute to her mother. Her debut album Ahora was released on June 2, 2015. She has won two Latin Grammys, one for Playlist and another for Abeja Reina. She made her musical debut on international television with her performance of Esa No Soy Yo at Premios Juventud.

She also has done several reality shows. She made her television debut with Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C and she later went on to star in her mother’s hit spin-off reality show I Love Jenni. Besides television, she has also released a memoir titled Forgiveness.

She is now a successful musician but at the beginning of her career, she used to make headlines for her weight more than for her music. Her weight loss journey used to interest people more than her music did. Now, it’s not the same but there is the same curiosity regarding her physicality and what she does to maintain it. Many people think she has undergone gastric sleeve surgery to maintain her body and fitness level. Here are all the details about Chiquis Rivera’s weight loss!

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Chiquis Rivera’s Weight Loss: The Singer Looked Very Slim and Curvy at the Latin Grammy 2022; Did She Have Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Chiquis Rivera (@chiquis) recently turned every head when she posed on the red carpet of the Latin Grammy 2022. She looked divine in that figure-hugging golden dress. Seeing how curvy and slim she looked at the Grammys, fans were reminded of just how much she had changed and physically transformed from before in terms of her weight. Less than a decade ago, she made headlines for her weight loss of 30 pounds. Now it looks like that journey of hers is over and all she does is maintain her physicality.

Some fans think that Chiquis Rivera’s weight loss is recent as of 2022. But it does not look like she has had any drastic physical transformation lately. She could have been continuing her journey of losing (or maintaining) weight with her diet plans and workout schedules which might have caused minor fluctuations but nothing drastic. The most dramatic change in her physicality she had happened about eight years ago in 2014. That year, she got a brand new figure for the New Year after losing 30 pounds.

The significant weight loss of 30 pounds the singer underwent back in 2014 was impressive, much more for the fact that all of it happened in a span of eight weeks, which is not an easy task to pull off. But maybe she was too focused and determined to get a new body. After all, her childhood had not been a very good time for her self-esteem because of her body.

Chiquis Rivera recalled in an interview with People how people always used to call her chubby. It might have been fine when she was a child but as an adult, she didn’t feel sexy about being chubby so decided to take a break from it. This is when she embarked on a weight loss journey to get a fitter and slimmer body. She said,

People would say I was gordita (chubby). Yes, I had a little chubby girl in my heart, and she’s still with me, but like I always say: ‘It’s time for you [the gordita] to take a break.’

How Chiquis Rivera managed to get a fitter and slimmer body in just eight weeks after she decided to take a break from being chubby was that she enlisted the help of celebrity nutrition and wellness consultant Alejandro Chabén. Chaben helped her in achieving her goal of weight loss of 30 pounds in eight weeks. It was not just him, Rivera was equally determined to be slimmer.

As per Chaben,

Her effort has been admirable. It’s been a pleasure being a part of her life because she inspires a lot of people.

There were no details about what exactly Chiquis Rivera’s efforts for weight loss entailed but the television personality did say that she achieved her goal by avoiding two foods she loves: white rice and chocolate. Maybe she did more than that, followed a strict diet plan, and had a workout routine in place. If she did, she did not reveal it. Either way, she was happy with the results and that was enough for her fans.

After her weight loss and drastic transformation when she got a slimmer body, that became the first time Chiquis Rivera felt truly sexy. She said that her new body had presented her with a new challenge to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain her fitness level and the new body that she had come to love so much. She said,

The curves are there, and I want them there.

Over the years, to retain that weight loss and maintain her curves, Chiquis Rivera has added a ketogenic diet to her usual methods of avoiding white rice and chocolate to keep the pounds away. She has even written a cookbook of keto recipes to help others prepare keto-friendly meals. Keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet that can get too restrictive sometimes.

But because Chiquis Rivera is fixated on maintaining her weight loss, she has found a way to limit herself on what she can and cannot eat without punishing herself. She also has begun going to the gym and doing cardio and following a workout schedule.

Some fans suspect that Chiquis Rivera underwent gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss. But that does not seem true. We have seen her throughout the years as she was on her weight loss journey, in various stages of it. We could see the efforts and the results. Gastric sleeve surgery came nowhere in that.

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