Chrisean Rock Sparks BBL Speculations!


Chrisean Rock is suspected of having BBL. – Chrisean Rock does have a huge butt but it’s most likely natural and not due to Brazilian butt lift (BBL). In some pictures, they look too round and perky but those seem to be edited pictures as many fans have claimed that she does not have the same figure in real life. Chrisean Rock hasn’t even got any plastic surgery on her face so, it doesn’t seem like she would get her butt done. If she had gotten her butt done, maybe she wouldn’t have mocked Summer Walker’s BBL.

Chrisean Rock is most recognized for her association with Blueface. She was at the height of her popularity when she was doing the Zeus reality series Baddies and when she did the spin-off titled Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love. That brief time in reality shows helped her gain prominence to launch her career in rap music. She started her music career in 2020 with her debut single Lonely. Not much has come out of it but she’s still relevant because of her relationship drama and feuds.

Relevancy for Chrisean Rock means that people show an interest in her personal life and when that happens, one thing you can’t avoid is plastic surgery speculations. Lately, people have started to wonder if she has had BBL because she’s been flaunting her body and her butt looks amazing. Also, her mocking of Summer Walker‘s botched BBL made her followers want to see what she has done for herself there.

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Has Chrisean Rock Had BBL?

Chrisean Rock (@chrisean) has never admitted to having BBL even though, in some of her pictures, it looks like she has had help from plastic surgery for enhancements in that area.

Chrisean Rock sparked BBL speculations after she had her baby. houseandwhips.comChrisean Rock sparked BBL speculations after she had her baby.
Image Source: HipHopDX

Has Chrisean had plastic surgery or is she all-natural? Her cosmetic surgery status has sparked heated discussions among her followers who are divided into two factions; one where they think that she has not done anything to her face or body and the other where they believe that she has had a BBL or butt implants in the least. Which one of them is right? Well, it’s hard to speculate.

The thing is, Chrisean Rock’s been flaunting her body more than usual ever since she got pregnant. She’s continued showing off even after she had the baby. Maybe she wants to show how fine and shapely she looks after giving birth. Nothing wrong about that but it does make you wonder how she’s gotten back in shape so soon after giving birth. Is her figure real or did she get some plastic surgery to enhance her figure? Did she get BBL?

If you are thinking that she can’t have surgery because she just gave birth, I would like to tell you that it’s not unheard of that there’s a package called mommy makeover wherein women get work done on their bodies while they are in the delivery room. It’s very dangerous and possibly, fatal but apparently, some women have done it. Did Chrisean Rock get BBL under this package?

She does not even seem like someone who would get work done because look at her and how she stands out! The rap scene is plagued by the trend of female rappers getting extensive plastic surgery to enhance every part of their bodies which has made everyone look the same. In a sea of generic faces and artificially enhanced bodies, she stands out. At least, she used to. She looked so natural and did have a very curvy figure but nothing unnatural. She did not have those super tiny waists that made her a*s look super huge in comparison. She never looked like she had BBL.

Chrisean Rock Mocks Summer Walker’s BBL!

Chrisean Rock mocked Summer Walker's f*cked-up BBL. houseandwhips.comChrisean Rock mocked Summer Walker’s f*cked-up BBL.
Image Source: Yahoo News

Now, people are not sure about that because she’s been showing off her body a lot more than usual and they think that she’s gotten more perfect and perkier in her butt area. People are especially starting to suspect that she has had something done because how come she has not even a little bit of baby weight on her? It’s as if she snapped back into a more perfect body than the one she had before, after she had the baby. No wonder people think Chrisean Rock has had BBL.

However, not all of her fans think so and you know what argument they make for their case? They have no idea how she has bounced back so quickly after her pregnancy but they do think that it can’t be because she had plastic surgery because she mocked Summer Walker‘s botched BBL and would she throw the stone from her glass house? If she did it, she is well aware that she is going to be trolled for her plastic surgery as well, so she might have only mocked Walker with the understanding that she is safe from that coming back to her.

Anyway, about the mocking part, Summer reignited her feud with Chrisean Rock when she posted a TikTok video where she had a blacked-out front tooth and held a baby doll with its neck dangling. It was a cruel impersonation of her and a takedown of Chrisean’s parenting skills. It didn’t sit right with her so, she went off on Walker about her BBL and other things.

You the same b*tch reaching out talking bout ‘hey do you need any help, I see how this new mommy sh*t, don’t worry about it’ and then you the same b*tch that join the hate train, the mockery, the joke of Rock. Alright, but I ain’t making no mockery of you having three f*cking kids, no man, and a f**ked up BBL.