Chrissie Swan’s Weight Loss Surgery: Or Did She Eat Gummy Bears to Obtain Her Current Physique? Before & After Pictures Examined!


Chrissie Swan’s Weight Loss Surgery: Or Did She Eat Gummy Bears to Obtain Her Current Physique? Before & After Pictures Examined!

No, Chrissie Swan didn’t undergo surgery or eat keto gummy bears to have a significant weight loss transformation. The 49-year-old media personality has reportedly lost 90 kg and claims that she improved her diet and exercise routine, and even quit smoking & drinking to lose weight. Comparing her before and after pictures, her current physique looks absolutely fit and healthy.

Christina Swan aka Chrissie Swan (born 3 November 1973) is an Australian television and radio presenter and media personality. Swan is currently the Nova FM host of The Chrissie Swan Show. She also participated in The Masked Singer Australia in 2022 as a judge alongside Dave Hughes, Mel B, and Abbie Chatfield.

She hosted the radio shows Chrissie, Sam & Browny on Nova 100 with Sam Pang and Jonathan Brown, Mix 101.1‘s afternoon show 3PM Pick-Up, and Chrissie & Jane with Jane Hall. She also co-hosted the morning program The Circle on Network Ten and The Great Australian Spelling Bee. Furthermore, she previously hosted Can of Worms. Swan also appeared in television shows like All Star Family Feud, The Project, Studio 10, Show Me the Movie!, Have You Been Paying Attention? and Hughesy, We Have a Problem.

Recently, Chrissie Swan has been in the spotlight as she has been losing weight very significantly. Looking at her before and after pictures, she looks almost unrecognizable. As a result, many people have been wanting to know about her weight loss journey. Well, let’s get started.

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Chrissie Swan’s Weight Loss: The 49-Year-Old Star Didn’t Have Surgery but Rather Followed a Strict Diet & Exercise Routine to Lose an Impressive 90 KG of Weight!

According to Daily Mail, Chrissie Swan has undergone a significant weight loss transformation of 90kg. No doubt, the 49-year-old star looks unrecognizable now. She recently said that she felt like “a different person” after the Covid pandemic led her to lose half of her body weight. And the internet is full of rumors. People frequently ask about the media personality’s use of surgery to obtain her current physique. But it is untrue. Swan didn’t undergo any such surgery to lose weight.

In an interview with The Australian Women‘s Weekly last year, she mentioned her weight loss in jest after reportedly losing 90kg since lockdowns began. She said that the “enormous” lifestyle adjustments she had made during the preceding year had greatly enhanced her quality of life. However, she refused to reveal what she eats to lose weight stating,

I’m not going to tell you what I eat in a day. Because I’ve read those stories and they make me feel bad about myself.

In a different interview with the Herald Sun, Chrissie (@chrissieswan) said that as she approached 50, she felt amazing and was happy than ever. She explained,

I have never been happier or more centred. It is actually great and I don’t think you can feel that way until you have done the years. I wouldn’t be 20 for quids.

Likewise, there have been several discussions regarding Chrissie Swan using Keto gummy bears for her weight loss transformation. But it’s untrue; she never ate it. One of her followers made the decision to ask about such rumors. In one of her Instagram posts, a follower questioned, “did you really take up keto gummies?” to which she replied, “Absolutely not! It is a scam. Don’t buy.”

The former Big Brother participant stated that they were unable to go more than five kilometers to go out to dinner, visit a friend’s home, or have them come to them. They had no choice but to walk, so she did. She began by walking briefly, then extended her daily walking time to two hours. She also started practicing meditation and 10-kilometer walks to improve her physical and emotional health while Melbourne was under lockdown.

Furthermore, she quit drinking with Sam and Browny as part of a morning broadcast on Nova 100 in 2020 for a wellness drive. In March 2021, Chrissie claimed to feel better than ever after a night of alcohol-free karaoke with a partner. A month later, she observed that after quitting alcohol, her sleep had also much improved.

Her professional life is also improving, as The Chrissie Swan Show, her new national Nova radio program, debuted on Monday. She does, however, expect to still have time to travel abroad in the upcoming year. She added,

I am a different person than I was 10 years ago and I will probably take myself overseas [for my 50th]. I have never been to Europe, can you believe it? So I think I will have a little solo walking and eating trip to Italy probably, and I really want to see Berlin and I will just do it on my own.

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